Bike lanes: How cities across the world are responding to the pandemic

The health crisis is having an unexpected effect in some urban centers: motorists are losing space while cyclists are gaining it. EL PAÍS examined how Spanish cities, as well as some in Europe and the Americas, are adapting their cycleways to the new mobility reality

Spanish Civil War

The most explosive legacy of the Spanish Civil War

Today marks 80 years since the end of the conflict, but the authorities continue to make more than a thousand unexploded bombs and other devices safe every year


Graphic: Operation in Málaga to rescue Julen Roselló

Click anywhere on the infographic to see the various stages of the mission to locate the two-year-old, who fell down a borehole on January 13

Housing crisis

How tourist apartments are hurting Madrid’s neighborhoods

Platforms like Airbnb are pushing up the cost of rent and forcing locals to move out of the city center