Cab driver seriously injured in ongoing taxi strikes against ride-hailing apps in Spain

Man is in critical condition after being hit by a car in Madrid, where he was blocking an access road to the airport


Graphic: Operation in Málaga to rescue Julen Roselló

Click anywhere on the infographic to see the various stages of the mission to locate the two-year-old, who fell down a borehole on January 13


Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo flies to Madrid to sign 23-month jail sentence

The Portuguese player, who will not be going to prison, has admitted to tax fraud committed while he was living in Spain as part of a deal with the public prosecutor


Court starts investigation into how Julen Roselló accident happened

The Civil Guard has taken statements from the parents of the two-year-old, who is stuck in a 110-meter borehole, as well as the owner of the land and the man who carried out the work


Who owns the “ghost plane” in Madrid’s Barajas airport?

The aircraft has been abandoned for years and will be sold if the owner does not claim it


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, January 22, 2019

Tragedy in Málaga

Rescuers hope to reach Julen, the trapped Spanish toddler, by Tuesday

Round-the-clock efforts to find the two-year-old in a 100-meter borehole in Málaga have slowed down after the drill making a tunnel hit very hard rock on Sunday


Convicted wife-killer murders his lover: the lawyer who secured his early release

Rebeca Santamalia, a respected attorney in Zaragoza, Spain, had been romantically involved with Salvador Calvo, who jumped off a bridge after stabbing her to death