Bike lanes: How cities across the world are responding to the pandemic

The health crisis is having an unexpected effect in some urban centers: motorists are losing space while cyclists are gaining it. EL PAÍS examined how Spanish cities, as well as some in Europe and the Americas, are adapting their cycleways to the new mobility reality


Why you shouldn’t be afraid to take public transportation amid the Covid-19 pandemic

According to Spanish health experts, the risk of contagion on buses and trains is low thanks to safety measures, like the use of face masks, as well as improved ventilation systems


Court strikes down Madrid Central low-emission zone over legal technicalities

The ruling conservatives, who launched the battle while in the opposition, now face the prospect of losing millions in revenue from traffic fines


The trauma left by Spain’s coronavirus lockdown: ‘I have never felt panic going outside until now’

Although the confinement measures have ended, many people still feel anxious about leaving their homes and are worried about the risk of contagion


Spain to recommend reopening beaches at reduced capacity

The draft guidelines also suggest city councils should separate sun loungers and delineate the space allowed for each beachgoer


Spain’s deescalation measures – what we know so far

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced that the return to a “new normality” would involve a series of phases, with no set dates and differing from province to province if necessary


‘I don’t know why the heck we have to go back if there’s no way of staying apart’

Thousands of people are returning to work in Spain amid controversy over whether it is too early to lift the strictest measures of coronavirus confinement


Spain to test 30,000 families for the coronavirus

With more than 90% of cases going undetected, the government is aiming to get a more accurate picture of the spread of the virus and from there decide how to ease the confinement measures


Why does Spain have the world’s highest coronavirus mortality rate?

Experts attribute the problem to a range of factors, including an aging population and slow early detection efforts


With 3,434 deaths, Spain now has more coronavirus victims than China

The latest figures mean the country has the second-highest number of fatalities in the world after Italy


Madrid Central scheme sees city pollution fall to 10-year low

Nitrogen dioxide in the Spanish capital dropped to its lowest levels in a decade thanks to the traffic-restricted area, according to a new report from Ecologists in Action


Greta Thunberg: “People are suffering and dying from the climate emergency today”

The Swedish campaigner uses her celebrity status to draw attention to other young activists at the UN summit in Madrid


Madrid Central reduces pollution by 20% in its first year

The beneficial effects of the low-emissions zone have extended to other parts of the Spanish capital


Madrid backpedals on bike lanes

While Europe’s major cities are expanding sustainable forms of transportation, the Spanish capital is bucking the trend with plans to eliminate cycling space


Video: Activists expose shocking animal abuse at Madrid slaughterhouse

Workers were caught beating and jumping on top of lambs thanks to hidden cameras placed inside the facility by the environmental association Equalia


Air pollution in Madrid’s low-emission zone rises back to pre-fine levels

Environmental group Ecologists in Action says that nitrogen dioxide emissions increased after the right-wing local government tried to suspend Madrid Central


Madrid Central considered one of the most effective anti-pollution plans in the EU

The low-emissions zone in the center of the Spanish capital has seen a 32% reduction in nitrogen dioxide emissions, according to a new report


On judge’s orders, Madrid Central low-emissions scheme back in action

Motorists entering parts of the Spanish capital will face fines once more, after a court suspends the new Popular Party mayor’s decision to temporarily halt the system


Madrid traffic levels rise as City Hall suspends fines for entering low-emission zone

The new Popular Party mayor, who is going to take three months to decide what to do about his predecessor’s flagship program, yesterday poked fun at Greenpeace protestors opposed to the move


Will a right-wing mayor axe the Madrid Central anti-pollution plan?

José Luis Martínez-Almeida of the Popular Party wants to review the signature program put in place by outgoing leftist city leader Manuela Carmena


Will Sunday’s elections in Spain trigger a new era of coalitions?

Polls suggest the fragmentation seen at the national vote will extend to the local and regional level, giving added clout to small parties such as far-right group Vox


Emissions fall in Madrid city center thanks to new traffic restrictions

The level of nitrogen oxide has dropped by 38% after local authorities made 472 hectares off-limits to most vehicles at the end of November

Taxi strike

Why has traffic in Madrid improved with the taxi strike?

Each cab travels around 200 kilometers a day, but most of the time, they’re driving around empty looking for passengers


Barcelona taxi drivers end strike; Madrid stoppage enters day four

Sector accepts Catalan government’s new pre-booking requirements for ride-sharing services such as Uber and Cabify


Madrid takes historic step to becoming a car-free city center

New measures are in effect to curb air pollution and increase space given over to pedestrians


Madrid’s landmark Gran Vía shows off new facelift after nine months of roadworks

Thanks to the €6.5 million-project, the famous avenue now has more space for pedestrians, wooden benches and new traffic lights


Could Madrid be about to get a new airport for low-cost carriers?

The proposed site in Casarrubios could open by 2023 and receive around 300,000 commercial passengers in its first year