Renovations at Madrid’s Gran Vía station uncover 1919 lift shaft

Work at the site has been stopped until authorities determine the value of the find and whether it needs to be conserved


Hate crimes against homeless people in Spain on the rise

As the number of attacks against poor people increases, the Senate is preparing to vote on a proposal to make aporophobia an aggravating circumstance in criminal offenses


Remembering Madrid’s golden age of trams

Long before the metro, the Spanish capital bustled with over 50 now-forgotten tram lines

Madrid’s forgotten trams


Death of African street vendor sparks clashes with police in Madrid

Six arrested in Lavapiés after crowds get violent in wake of Senegalese man’s death

extreme weather

Army called in to rescue drivers trapped by snow on Spanish freeway

People stranded on AP-6 road near Madrid complain of lack of information about situation


I hate the bicycle lane!

Supporters and detractors of segregated infrastructure are divided over Madrid measures


The vital spark keeping baby Aarón alive

A Madrid couple are campaigning for help to pay bills and guarantee electricity supplies

Spain’s 10 weirdest vacation rentals


Hospital workers: “Ebola suits unsafe”

Personnel at Carlos III show pictures of protective gloves attached to gown with duct tape

Spanish government asks state attorney to crack down on Twitter hate speech

Prosecutor warns of difficulty of tackling all online insults in generalized way “Incitement to hatred” provision cannot be applied to all cases, she says

Spanish pilgrims of Muslim charity

Three women explain how they were able to travel into the heart of Islam All thanks to a little help from the United Arab Emirates

Socialist youth leader claims “right could be behind” 15-M protest movement

Beatriz Talegón is forging her politicial path by generating headlines


Over 1,000 migrants lined up along border ready to jump into Melilla

Government has reinforced security after three mass crossings in the previous two days

Madrid's Aguirre avoids getting in a flap over joke Twitter feed

Conservative regional premier takes no action over spoof character scripted by anonymous blogger