The US trail of the man whose security firm spied on Julian Assange

Emails sent by David Morales, owner of UC Global, place him in Alexandria, in the state of Virginia, near the federal court that has been investigating the Australian cyberactivist for years

November 10 General Elections

Vox and Catalonia dominate the end of the election campaign in Spain

Issues like the economic slowdown have been dropped as candidates vie for undecided voters ahead of the vote on November 10

November 10 General Elections

Spain’s PM: “The only way to ensure there is a government is to vote for the Socialist Party”

In an interview with EL PAÍS, Spain’s caretaker prime minister discusses Monday’s debate and what deals he is prepared to make if he does not win an absolute majority at the November 10 election


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 8, 2019


Madrid backpedals on bike lanes

While Europe’s major cities are expanding sustainable forms of transportation, the Spanish capital is bucking the trend with plans to eliminate cycling space