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November 10 General Elections

Spain’s PM: “The only way to ensure there is a government is to vote for the Socialist Party”

In an interview with EL PAÍS, Spain’s caretaker prime minister discusses Monday’s debate and what deals he is prepared to make if he does not win an absolute majority at the November 10 election


Acting Spanish PM: “No coalition, no elections. There is a third way”

Speaking to EL PAÍS, Pedro Sánchez of the Socialist Party says that he still believes he can persuade left-wing Podemos to support him in the formation of a government

Interview | Pedro Sánchez

Spanish PM: “There is a real risk that the right could join with the far right”

Ahead of Sunday’s general election in Spain, Socialist Party leader Pedro Sánchez speaks to EL PAÍS about possible outcomes after what are expected to be inconclusive polls

INTERVIEW | Spanish prime minister

“The Catalan crisis is not going to be solved in one, two or even six years”

Spain’s new PM Pedro Sánchez discusses his plans for reform after leading a successful no-confidence motion in Congress three weeks ago


Papers no, rights yes

Immigrants may be detained at the frontier if their situation is illegal, but they are still human beings


Solidarity and taxes

The right is winning the communications battle while the left thinks it is a mere question of adding up who is better off


Cynical confusion

What would Orwell make of Rajoy’s doublespeak and dismissal of valid debate?


Catalonia’s dead-end debate

The Spanish public is being distracted with the excuse of Catalonia, and the Catalan public with the excuse of Spain


Diaries, not memoirs

Politicians ought to make it clear in the prologue of their books whether what we are about to read are their opinions, or information


"Salauds" indeed

The signatories of this manifesto in favor of prostitution take it for granted that women work in the trade freely, either as a remunerated job like any other, or just for pleasure


Not like this

Europe’s xenophobic parties are no longer seen as extremists, but as political alternatives


The worst Euro crop

In the midst of a devastating economic crisis, European institutions have been going through the biggest downturn in terms of political leadership qualities in living memory


Apprentice sorcerers

For years now, Spain's principal conservative party has opted for immediate electoral profit, by picking causes that might bring their voters out


Just can’t help themselves

The government’s latest appointment to Spain’s top court shows plainly a desire to manipulate justice


Rescinding the Concordat

If we look calmly at the problem of education laws in Spain, we may conclude that there will never be peace and quiet, or progress toward the necessary consensus


Low fiscal pressure

European countries permit tax evasion on a massive scale while asking citizens to take austerity medicine


What about that speech?

If Gordon Brown had carried more political clout, perhaps the world would be better off today


Hell, no!

It is getting harder to understand the European Union


EU vs. Israeli settlers

The policy of occupation and progressive settlement of the Palestinian territory, and the cruel manner in which this is happening, is causing more irritation every day


Sniffing out tax evasion

Either inspectors find sufficient proof in the space of a year, or they are obliged to close a case


No debate, no vote?

The government’s refusal to accept parliamentary scrutiny is designed to keep the extent of Brussels’ bailout conditions out of the public eye


Not just sentimental

Don’t let us fool ourselves; a Greek exit from the euro would shake the very foundations of the Union


"Power has shifted from elected representatives to financial moguls"

Former Prime Minister Felipe González gives his views on the euro crisis


This is not normal

The Popular Party’s reluctance to allow parliamentary scrutiny of the bailout reeks of despotism


Eggheads fail to hatch

To accept that the European crisis is happening in an arena in which the intellectuals have nothing to say is a mistake


Rajoy's rocky ride after 100 days in office

The prime minister is famously averse to change, but given the depth of the current crisis, he is having to constantly shift