To our readers

Those of us who create EL PAÍS have a very special link with you, our public. That is how we feel, and we will be fighting through this crisis not to disappoint you

The EL PAÍS newsroom
The EL PAÍS newsroomCarlos Rosillo

All of us are painfully aware that we are going through a very difficult situation and that the health emergency in which we find ourselves will not be resolved in days, but rather in weeks or even months. We are aware of the unease of our readers, because we are going through the same thing, due to the effect that the Covid-19 epidemic is having on the health of our relatives, in particular seniors, but also the effect it is having on our economy, the job prospects for our youngsters and the unbearable anxiety of the self-employed…

Today we want to convey to you the commitment of EL PAÍS to provide you with verified information – which is more necessary than ever – via our website, and also relevant opinions, scientific criteria, features, interviews, debates and everything else related to the progress of the coronavirus epidemic and the effect that it is having on our lives.

For all of those who are unable to buy the print edition of the newspaper in Spanish, we are offering it for free in PDF format via the EL PAÍS mobile application.

All of our journalistic resources, on a technical and business level, have been mobilized – in Spain, in Europe and in particular in the Americas. We are working 24 hours a day to keep you up to date with what is happening, what is likely to take place in the future, and of everything that surrounds us during this health crisis.

In order to meet this obligation, while at the same time respecting the guidelines of the Health Ministry, journalists and other staff from EL PAÍS have made a huge effort to change their day-to-day routines, with a new system of remote working.

The important thing during a crisis with such a massive reach is to guarantee basic services to citizens: foodstuffs, power, telephones, medicines, medical treatment… and newspapers. Newspapers, whether they are digital or print, that inform you of what is happening and that widen your viewpoint of this obligatory lockdown.

In our Spanish edition, we will not be offering reviews of new movies or plays, because there won’t be any for a while. But we will be writing about the best TV and radio shows and music that is within your reach while you are in your homes.

Whether it’s in print or on the web, the beating heart of EL PAÍS will continue to be information that unites the always-necessary critical eye with a strong sense of community in the face of adversity. Those of us who make EL PAÍS, and you, our readers, have a special bond. That’s how we feel, and we will fight to not disappoint you. Many thanks to you all.

English version by Simon Hunter.