Cuts to healthcare spending putting Spaniards’ lives at risk, report finds

Austerity kills is the message of a study published by the ‘British Medical Journal’


Basque “peace plan” focuses on need to probe torture

Regional government lays out own scheme for reinsertion of ETA inmates and relaxation of jail policy

“The law is equal for everyone, including the number one”

Sports minister says Lionel Messi must be presumed innocent until proved otherwise


The right example

BBVA has bowed to legal and social pressure and has eliminated “floor clauses” from mortgages

Chile and Bolivia appear before Hague court in Pacific outlet dispute

Bolivian government wants territory taken in 19th-century war returned Tribunal sets deadlines for bench trial to hear national arguments

banking sector

Banks may grant fewer home loans after floor clause void

Property registrars believe mortgage rates could rise

real estate

Pace of house price deflation picks up at start of the year

Market in prolonged slump as banks seek to offload property on their books

A young girl’s murder reignites Argentina’s debate on crime

Death of Ángeles Rawson joins list of cases where violence sparked political reactions


This week’s movie releases

Danny Boyle is back with Trance, while Spanish-Irish coproduction Menú degustación will whet your appetite


The Civil War without the hurt

Juan Carlos Medina’s ‘Painless’ is one of the Spanish films of the year

World Congress against the death penalty

A step away from death

They are a deserving club of survivors. In the history of the United States, 139 innocent people have been rescued from death row, a place to which they should never have been sent. EL PAÍS Semanal magazine had access to a private meeting of 21 of them in Birmingham (Alabama) in 2010

World Congress against the death penalty

“When I hug my wife and family, I know at the same time Florida wants to kill me”

Congress against the death penalty opens in Madrid


Apple joins the craze for big phones

From Steve Jobs’ “perfect size” of 3.5 inches, new models will now measure 5.7 inches


Police will gain access to private investigators’ files under reform plan

Government’s proposals criticized by professional associations as a knee-jerk reaction to Método 3 case


Rescinding the Concordat

If we look calmly at the problem of education laws in Spain, we may conclude that there will never be peace and quiet, or progress toward the necessary consensus


The slow death of live music

The 13-point VAT hike on culture is also affecting concert promoters The industry is predicting a 50-percent fall in earnings this summer


Spanish women have the highest mercury levels in Europe

Democophes project analyzed presence of chemical in 1,844 pairs of mothers and children


Spain cruises into under-21 semifinals with Holland win

La Rojita looking good to retain its European youth crown in Israel