Olympic star Lydia Valentín weighs in on doping

The Spanish weightlifting champion has spent years being pipped at the post by rivals on performance-enhancing drugs. But a crusade in 2016 retrospectively disqualified a number of athletes and today, she boasts Olympic gold, silver and bronze – making her a role model for minority sports in Spain


Usain Bolt: Mission accomplished

With 20 gold medals under his belt, the fastest sprinter in history tells EL PAÍS that he is tired of his frenetic life as an athlete


Meeting the survivors of death row

A group of people who were exonerated in the US regularly get together to share their stories

World Congress against the death penalty

A step away from death

They are a deserving club of survivors. In the history of the United States, 139 innocent people have been rescued from death row, a place to which they should never have been sent. EL PAÍS Semanal magazine had access to a private meeting of 21 of them in Birmingham (Alabama) in 2010

World Congress against the death penalty

The heroes of ’92

Two decades ago, Spain hosted its first Olympic Games, which became a symbol of a changing country. Some of the key figures of the event share their memories