La Paz: a Madrid hospital at war against Covid-19

The Spanish capital’s icon of public healthcare is now dedicated almost entirely to coronavirus patients. EL PAÍS spent three days inside to see how the daily battles are being fought


Why I voted for Vox

EL PAÍS travels to the places where Spain's far-right party made the greatest gains at the November 10 election to find out what its supporters are like, and what they hope to gain from their vote

Climate change

The Greta Thunberg generation

Inspired by the Swedish teenage climate activist, the younger members of society are leading the fight against global warming


The battle for the Mediterranean

The gulf between two very different worlds has turned the Mediterranean into a graveyard. Thousands of people die each year trying to cross it. We traveled to the coast of Libya and the black hole of this humanitarian crisis.


The scientists trying to find the “cure” for old age

Could we live to 140? 1,000? Is there a limit? Scientific research into extending the human lifespan is being backed by Silicon Valley giants such as Google and Facebook

Green energy: When Spain had the wind in its sails

The Perdón wind farm in Navarre is the birthplace of an industry in which Spain has played a pioneering role


The tech legacy of James Costos

America’s ambassador under Barack Obama put startups on the map in Spain. Now, as he moves back to the US, we take a look at the ecosystem he leaves in his wake


Meeting the survivors of death row

A group of people who were exonerated in the US regularly get together to share their stories


Santiago Calatrava: “Self-criticism is necessary”

EL PAÍS meets one of the most controversial architects of his time

‘World Press Photo’ rewards first-hand look at the plight of immigrants

Photojournalist Carlos Spottorno has won third prize in the Short Feature category “At the gates of Europe” is an account of a migrant rescue operation at sea Guillermo Abril wrote the text for a project that began as a special for El País Semanal

“I always cry, whatever it is I’m doing”

In just a few years, actress Inma Cuesta has become a talisman for Spanish cinema

Nice to eat you

Antonio de la Torre gets his teeth into his first bona fide leading role in the acclaimed ‘Cannibal’


Hell comes to paradise

The island of Mallorca was hit by its worst wildfire in decades in late July. EL PAÍS visited the Unesco-protected area worst affected and talked to those caught in the path of the flames


London calling

With no job prospects at home in sight, growing numbers of Spaniards are trying their luck abroad

Bardems unite for ‘Alacrán enamorado’

Santiago A. Zannou takes his cast to the limit for a tale of rage, racism and romance


The revolving door

Movement of directors and administrators between government and healthcare companies shows the ever-tightening links between the private and public sectors


If you want to see where Spain is headed, take a long look at Jerez

Decades of financial mismanagement have brought the city to the brink of bankruptcy The new mayor is determined to impose order, but at what cost?


Plasenzuela's dirty secrets

For two decades this tiny rural community in Extremadura siphoned off millions of euros in state, regional, and EU funding based on non-existent projects


The bitter ashes of Valencia

The recent fires have been blamed in part on the continuing exodus from the countryside So who will look after the land?


The clan that ruled the roulette wheel

The Pelayo family's almost-infallible gambling method won them over 1.5 million euros Their incredible story is now being brought to the big screen