The curse of the Mexican avocado

The state of Michoacán is the world’s top producer of the fruit but the commercial boom for the superfood has brought with it violence, deforestation and job insecurity


The rise of bread in the empire of corn

Wheat consumption is growing in Mexico, with thousands of bakeries offering artisan bread


Mexican migrant kills himself after being deported from the US

Suicide comes on same day that Homeland Security releases tough new measures against immigration


Mexicans working in the United States earn six times more than at home

Salary gap between the two countries explains immigration and why US companies head south


Mexico backed into economic corner as Trump ups protectionist pressure

All-important auto sector is already feeling the impact of US president-elect’s threats


Trump tightens the screws on Mexico’s automotive industry

Under pressure from president-elect, Ford cancels major investment plans in San Luis Potosí

New technologies

Half of social media users in Latin America have gone hungry in last year

New study reveals soaring popularity of Facebook and WhatsApp despite persistent poverty


Mexico: At least 31 dead in explosion at fireworks market

The accident also left 72 people injured while a further hundred are still unaccounted for

US Elections

Trump makes peace with Mexican mogul Carlos Slim

US president-elect’s dinner with telecommunications magnate seen as friendly gesture toward Mexico


How the United States interest rate hike will have an effect on Mexico

Central lender Banxico is expected to respond by raising its rates by 0.25%


Is Mexico about to ban dog fighting for good?

Raft of legislative proposals could put end to inhumane activity most Mexicans disapprove of


Mexican cement firm offers to help Donald Trump “build that wall”

Cementos Chihuahua seemingly puts business before national pride in bid to build border fence


Disgraced Veracruz governor escaped using government helicopter

Interim PRI chief claims he had no knowledge of federal arrest warrant for Javier Duarte


Mexico prepares contingency plan in case Trump wins

The Republican magnate’s threat of imposing tariffs would derail the country’s fragile economy


The Coca-Cola addiction of Mexico’s indigenous population

In a country with Latin America’s highest death rate from diabetes, peasant communities are at risk

The Americas

Mexican-American police officer among victims of Dallas shooting

Patrick Zamarripa, an Iraqi war veteran, was one of the five fatal victims in the mass shooting in Texas on Thursday


‘El Chapo’s’ wife: “I don’t know that my husband traffics drugs”

Emma Coronel criticizes the heavy security measures her husband has to live under in jail


Mexican police arrest suspected serial killer who mutilated his victims

Chihuahua man is being investigated in connection with as many as 12 brutal homicides

Latin America

Three suspects held in shooting death of Mexican mayor

The PRD politician was gunned down at her home one day after she took office

Latin America

Two Mexican marines gunned down as they hunt for ‘El Chapo’

Authorities intensify search for Sinaloa cartel leader who escaped from prison last summer


Anonymous threatens a minor after he harasses a vagrant in Mexico

17-year-old turns himself into the authorities after being targeted by cyber-activism group


Kidnapped intelligence chief rescued in Mexico State

Two armed men abducted the CISEN agency official in front of his home in Toluca

Latin America

In wake of Australian surfer murders, is Mexico safe for tourists?

Foreign embassies issue extensive warnings about the dangers of traveling in the country


Violence on the rise in Mexico City, as armed men hold up restaurant

The capital, once a safe haven, is experiencing its highest homicide rate in 17 years

latin america

Fears of mafia activity in Mexico City rise after body hung from bridge

Victim in his 30s was tortured before he was shot twice in the head, say authorities

Latin America

New video shows how guards ignored banging sounds inside ‘El Chapo’s’ cell

New video supports evidence that prison officials helped Sinaloa drug lord escape


Cash machines viewed as the most dangerous places in Mexico

Government poll also shows 92.8% of crimes go unreported over lack of trust in authorities