Three suspected Russian spies traveled to Barcelona in 2016 and 2017

According to information obtained by EL PAÍS, the members of the elite military group Unit 29155 made a total of four trips to the Catalan capital

Catalan independence drive

Russia denies interference in Catalonia or in Spain’s domestic affairs

A week after it emerged that the Spanish High Court is probing the activities of an elite military group, the Foreign Ministry is talking about an anti-Russia campaign by the media


Spain will no longer cooperate with Russia in fight against disinformation

Caretaker Foreign Minister Josep Borrell says there is no truth to this, although plans for a joint working group have been permanently dropped


Western intelligence services tracked Russian spy in Catalonia

Spain’s High Court is investigating whether a GRU official named Denis Sergeev, who carried out subversive actions across Europe and Asia, also tried to destabilize the region during its 2017 independence drive


The Soviet scientist who disappeared in 1980s Madrid

Vladimir Alexandrov went missing without a trace after spending three days drinking heavily in Spain


UN Women program director: “Men must be part of modern feminism”

María Noel Vaeza explains why the next generation of feminists needs to include the opposite sex


Eastern Europe is sick of inferior food

The governments of Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic claim that some multinationals are sending them lower-quality products compared with their neighbors to the west

International Day to End Violence against Women

Sexual violence survivors: “Telling my story has helped me heal”

Five women recall the abuse they endured, and the guilty feelings they had to overcome before speaking out

INTERVIEW | Virginija Langbakk

“Society still tries to excuse men and blame women for gender violence”

EU equality chief argues lack of standard definitions for abuse hides scale of problem


How Estonia persuaded drivers to go electric

The Baltic state was the first country to set up a nationwide network of recharging stations for electric vehicles, as well as offering a range of incentives to encourage their use. But the end of subsidies has seen sales fall drastically. The Estonian model shows that without government assistance, uptake of electric vehicles is slow


Could Brexit bring about the end of the English sausage?

A third of workers in the British food industry are foreign, mostly from the European Union

International Women's Day

Thousands of women march in Spain to demand equal rights

Events held in 49 cities against gender discrimination, domestic violence and pay inequality

‘El Gordo’ draw

Top prize in Spanish Christmas Lottery goes to Madrid suburb

Winners in Acacias neighborhood in Spanish have scooped €4 million award with number 66513

Latin America

Zika virus could trigger illegal abortions spike, experts fear

Lack of contraception and strict laws may force women to seek unsafe procedures


Jon O’Brien: “The Catholic Church has an obsession with sexuality”

US-based Catholics for Choice chief criticizes the Vatican’s position on women and gays

UN rules against Spain for not protecting daughter killed by her father

Andrea González died during an unsupervised visit, after her mother reported dozens of incidents

Alzheimer’s charity forged patient’s will to keep share of her €3 million fortune

Afal Futuro president admits to fraud over Madrid woman's inheritance in secret recording

Abortion clinics report spike in vandalism

Anti-abortion activists step up pressure ahead of government changes to legislation


“Private” health insurance plan for undocumented immigrants proves failure

Figures show government’s scheme to make illegal migrants pay for treatment is not working Stuck in tangle of red tape, many vulnerable people are being denied healthcare


The north-south exercise divide

A new EU report shows that almost half of Spaniards do no kind of sporting activity Scandanavians are the most active, with southern Europeans lagging far behind Experts pin the blame on a “hostile urban environment” and call for better infrastructure


A decade of male-on-female violence leaves a tragic total of 658 deaths

The killing of five women in as many days has highlighted an issue that refuses to go away The problem has been aggravated by cuts to programs to combat domestic abuse, say experts


Andalusia and Catalonia join opposition against abortion reform

Justice minister reportedly contemplating minor changes to controversial legislation Ruiz-Gallardón hoping to build consensus after consulting with a number of agencies

Five arrested in Spain’s first case of human organ trafficking

Organization allegedly paid poor migrants up to €40,000 to donate their kidneys or liver parts


Vatican says sorry for pedophilia, but continues to protect its own

United Nations report calls on Holy See to hand over priests accused of sexual abuse


“Social criticism requires greater sensitivity than painting flowers”

Yolanda Domínguez encouraged women to register their bodies to protest abortion reform


Justice Ministry circular states abortion law will “benefit the economy”

Document also claims number of terminations has not fallen under current legislation Official figures, however, suggest the opposite


Abortions fell in 2012 under law PP is set to quash

More permissive legislation did not lead to increase as some sectors forecast