Ex-Rwandan general wanted by Spain for war crimes detained in London

Former army official faces charges in the murders of three Spanish aid workers in 1994


Spanish justice to probe Socialist government’s 2010 “tax amnesty”

Hundreds of Spaniards who kept millions at HSBC’s Geneva branch avoided prison terms


Former Bankia chief denies wrongdoing in flotation of lender

Rodrigo Rato claims that merger process was “completely supervised” by the Bank of Spain


Failed lender CAM wants prison for two of its former executives

Bank's lawyer seeks six to 10 years for ex-director general and oversight committee chief Attorney accuses them of inflating expense accounts and favoring own interests

Raquel, the illegitimate countess

Judge denies the right of a woman born out of wedlock to inherit a noble title The decision puts a royal decree from 1791 before the Constitution and civil code


Suicides increased notably during depths of economic crisis

Number of people taking their own life rose 11 percent in 2012

Detained migrants make fresh claims of abuse at detention centers

Charges filed against three police officers over beating but judge shelves case

Freedom, but not justice

Open regime for man wrongly imprisoned, but court does not grant acquittal Police targeted Muñoz after his cellphone was found among stolen items


Spain’s image gets another kicking

Brussels’ investigation into alleged illegal state aid to top Spanish clubs, and the government’s swift and heated denial, could further damage the nation's reputation


Pedophile was perfect neighbor

Daniel Galván Viña lived a double life for years, abusing children in Morocco, before sparking an international incident when he was mistakenly released from jail


Joint custody — a pipe dream?

The government wants to bring Spain’s divorce laws in line with the rest of the European Union But legal experts say the system lacks the necessary resources


Court lifts stay on sale process for Madrid hospitals

Socialist Party had called on the courts to analyze a last-minute change to the contract conditions


Cabinet moves to allow more joint custody of children in divorce cases

Interests of the progeny to take priority over wishes of parents


All equal before the law? Not if you're a politician

Lawmakers, judges and policeman can have their cases heard in a wide range of courts While some say it is an unfair privilege, others argue it is disadvantageous


Police may be given powers to install spyware under terms of draft bill

Justice Ministry mulling measure to combat terrorism and organized crime

Exactly what constitutes privacy?

Recent posting of politician's erotic video on the net shows dangers of sharing private material


“The US told me that my life was in danger and that Spain would be safe”

Former HSBC employee said "everything was carefully planned" for his escape Swiss bank accounts whistleblower helping Spanish authorities search for middle-men

Family of immigrant who died with undiagnosed AIDS fights for justice

Relatives of Congolese woman claim medical negligence at internment center

A farewell to the Parot doctrine, devised to keep ETA terrorists in jail?

Judicial sleight of hand used to ensure 30-year terms are served in full


Whistleblower's plea for honesty

Jorge Trías Sagnier ignited outrage across the country when he alleged first-hand knowledge of top PP officials getting cash in envelopes on top of their regular salaries


Former PP lawmaker confirms Bárcenas showed him secret ledgers

Whistleblowing former lawmaker Trías defends his version of party leaders’ cash bonuses: “I have done my duty”

Probe launched into 21 Gürtel suspects who might have used tax amnesty

List includes head of alleged corruption ring, former town mayors and construction magnates


Bárcenas summoned by High Court judge in connection with Gürtel case

Former PP treasurer also to appear before anticorruption prosecutors on Wednesday to answer questions on alleged slush fund


Kidnapped Almería baby found dead with blows to her head

Suspect had driven off with woman’s baby after the two had apparently spent time together in a farmhouse


Pop star Ramoncín named as target in copyright fraud investigation

Singer of the hit “El rey del pollo frito” has been called to testify next month

HSBC employee who leaked names of tax evaders freed on conditional bail

Spanish High Court will now decide on extradition of Hervé Falciani