Spanish volunteer in Oxford vaccine trial: ‘For me the real risk is that people aren’t vaccinated’

EL PAÍS talks to Ezequiel Martín about why he decided to participate in the coronavirus study and how he feels about the fact that one of the participants has fallen ill


Britain reimposes 14-day quarantine for travelers from Spain

The measure, which will come into effect on midnight Saturday, comes in response to the rising number of coronavirus cases in Spanish regions such as Catalonia and Aragón

Catalan independence drive

UK apologizes for calling European arrest warrant for Catalan separatist “disproportionate”

Clara Ponsatí is facing charges of sedition for her involvement in the 2017 breakaway bid, but will not be extradited to Spain until more information is provided on her offense

Catalan independence bid

‘Benvinguts’ to London’s ‘House of Catalonia’

The Catalan regional government is funding a delegation inside a Tudor-style mansion in the UK capital, where personnel work to promote trade and “explain the institutional situation”


Inquest reveals how Spain’s “skateboard hero” rushed to protect victims

Security footage shows Ignacio Echeverría jumping from his bicycle to defend the public from the knife-wielding terrorists in the London attack


EU will define Gibraltar as a ‘colony’ if there is a hard Brexit

Spain has pushed for the dispute over the British Overseas Territory to be included in a footnote in a proposed law on UK traveling rights


Theresa May: “Our message to Gibraltar is clear, we will always stand by you”

British prime minister denies that she has caved in to Spain in negotiations over the British Overseas Territory after Brexit


Spain still ready to vote against Brexit unless it sees changes on Gibraltar

After a phone conversation with Theresa May, PM Pedro Sánchez says positions remain distant


Spanish foreign minister raises ire of UK Eurosceptics with comments about Scotland

Josep Borrell’s answer of “Why would we object?” to the question of Scottish independence has been welcomed by the leader of the nationalist SNP party, Nicola Sturgeon


How London’s favorite Latino marketplace fought off property speculators

For 12 years, Pueblito Paisa has refused to be pushed out despite a redevelopment project

Voting dynamics

The “Center Moment”: Ciudadanos now Spain’s strongest political force

Riding high on its victory in Catalonia, reform party has surged in the latest voter intention survey


Ciudadanos would now be Spain’s most voted party, new survey shows

Metroscopia poll for EL PAÍS shows PP, PSOE and Podemos trailing behind Albert Rivera’s party


Ciudadanos leader: “I could see myself governing with either the PP or PSOE”

Albert Rivera tells EL PAÍS he wants to be at the helm of a new political project in Spain

Catalan crisis

“If the secessionists can’t form government we will propose an alternative:” Inés Arrimadas

Ciudadanos leader in Catalonia defends decision not to launch bid for Catalan premiership at this time


Key Catalan ideologue met with Julian Assange in London

Spanish foreign minister sees evidence of “attempt to affect natural democratic course of events in Catalonia”


Spanish PM: “Catalonia is Europe’s battle”

In this exclusive EL PAÍS interview, Mariano Rajoy stands firm before the separatist challenge, ahead of a session in the regional parliament that could produce an independence declaration


The traps in the letter to Rajoy and the king

Signatories to the message conceal the reality of the crisis with half-truths and exaggerations

Catalan bid for independence

Catalonia to immediately declare independence if no referendum held

Spanish attorney general to study legality of regional government’s plan to break away from Spain

Catalan independence

Catalonia prefers greater autonomy over independence from Spain

Latest opinion poll shows Catalans want negotiated settlement that would give region greater powers


A nominee emerges in battle to head Spain’s leaderless Socialists

Former Basque premier Patxi López is first official candidate as PSOE seeks new secretary general


Why 2017 is a crunch year for Spain’s four main political parties

After months of stalemate and fruitless talks, leaders must win back voters with a well-defined message


Latest poll sees PP gain new advantage, Podemos overtake PSOE

According to the CIS survey, the Socialist Party’s recent crisis has cost it six points


Socialist voters torn: allow a PP executive or risk defeat at new election

Poll shows most Spaniards feel last-minute deal to avoid new polls is still possible


“Abstaining is tactical, not ideological”: interim PSOE chief

Javier Fernández discusses the next moves for Spain’s deeply divided Socialist Party


Regional elections in Spain boost PP, further erode opposition Socialists

Conservative victories could prove decisive in breaking nine-month political stalemate at national level


Third elections would see record abstention, better result for Popular Party, says latest poll

Metroscopia survey sees turnout falling to 63%, lowest level since Spain returned to democracy


Spanish PM ready to negotiate 125 points with opposition leaders

Mariano Rajoy will meet with Socialists and Ciudadanos on Tuesday and Wednesday; new survey shows Spaniards feel the PSOE should let conservatives form a government