Speculators in Spain: over €6 billion in stock market short sales

Spanish regulator bans short selling of Liberbank stock following Banco Popular debacle last week


Brexit: how will it affect Spanish companies in the UK?

Ferrovial, Telefónica, Iberdrola and Santander are all major investors in Britain

Cost of living

How many hours do you have to work to buy an iPhone 6 in Madrid?

New study compares time you need to put in to afford key products in 71 world cities


Mysterious firm that sank Spain’s Gowex says it is targeting the financial bad guys

Spanish market watchdog to investigate if Gotham City Research profited from fall of wi-fi provider


Regulator to start sending “spies” to check up on banks

“Mystery shopping” will determine whether financial products are being sold to customers fairly


A risky outlook for 2014

Investors looking for returns over the course of the coming year will have to use their imagination


Spain: suddenly back in the money

The markets, demonized for dragging the country to the brink of disaster, are providing new capital


Shareholders to fix salaries for board members at listed firms

Panel of experts will recommend AGMs approve remuneration policies

Financial Education

“Just like drugs and sex, we have to educate children about money”

María Jesús Soto has written a book that will give youngsters a grounding in finance

personal finance

Why Spaniards aren’t ready for the pensions time bomb

Retirement planning is severely under-valued in Spain Property and bank deposits are the preferred means of saving The crisis in the system means savers will have to look for other options


Profits of blue-chip firms fall to lowest level since 2002

Listed companies suffer combined losses for first time


Spanish bank sold hybrid financial instrument to octogenarian with Alzheimer’s

Judge orders lender to return funds invested


Corporate winners in a hard place

A number of Spanish firms have discovered strategies to help them shrug off the domestic economic crisis


“Investors’ interest in Spain is growing now that firms have cut back”

BNP Paribas chief in Madrid thinks that money is set to flow back into the country in 2013


Seven banks taken to task over preferred share selling

Market watchdog announces that more lenders will be sanctioned for misleading customers into buying debt


Ibex 35 is world’s worst-performing stock market

2012 is proving to be disastrous for Spanish bourse, despite new government's promises of image boost