Four paintings in Prado Museum alleged to have belonged to Bárcenas

Ex-PP money man attributed part of 38-million-euro fortune to art sales


Profits of blue-chip firms fall to lowest level since 2002

Listed companies suffer combined losses for first time

Pescanova files for protection from creditors as it seeks to renegotiate debt

Seafood manufacturer has liabilities of 1.5 billion euros, eight times its annual operating profit


More than mere fraud

The horsemeat fiasco reveals shortcomings in the monitoring system that must be corrected


Bárcenas scandal deepens as police investigate alleged theft

Officers turn up at PP headquarters after ex-treasurer files complaint Judge seeks to include slush fund ledgers in Gürtel inquiry


Central government to challenge Catalan assembly’s sovereignty declaration

The decision follows rulings by solicitor general’s office and State Council


A king's public image

The line taken on the Urdangarin case has also been one of underestimating the dangers inherent in failure to respond in time

Court upholds jail sentence for sergeant who forced soldier to wear heavy chains

Court sends sergeant to prison, and orders payment to the victim


Towns cannot outlaw burqa, says ruling

Court says municipal governments do not have the authority to "limit religious freedom"

Steeplechase racing rides into Madrid

The Hipódromo de la Zarzuela has revamped its activities to attract a new crowd