Far-right Spanish political party Vox: What are its policies?

The group ran in the Andalusian regional elections with a manifesto that did not include specific plans for the region, but rather a list of changes it wants to see across Spain


Basque terrorist group ETA plans to dissolve fully by the summer

Remaining leaders put the matter to a vote after acknowledging they have reached “end of a cycle”

Spanish National Anthem

Singer Marta Sánchez reignites row over Spain’s lyric-less national anthem

The Spanish performer is the latest in a long line of people to try to add words to the official song


Spanish train driver leaves 109 passengers stranded at end of shift

Rail service operator launches a probe, but union says he simply followed safety laws


Granada mayor arrested in real estate corruption probe

City planning chief also held over the construction of a nightclub and skating rink in a green area


Latest opinion poll sees PP win election but without absolute majority

Survey based on more than 17,000 interviews places the Socialist Party in second place Ciudadanos would come in third, and Podemos a distant fourth The result confirms idea that December vote will bring about end of Spain’s two-party system


Spain investigating 301 people over links to jihadist terrorism

Number of arrests has quadrupled compared with 2013, while open cases grew 60 percent

Paris attacks

Three men arrested in Madrid with suspected links to Islamic State

The detainees were prepared to carry out attacks in Spain, according to official sources


Top ETA chiefs arrested in France

David Pla and Iratxe Sorzabal made up part of Basque terrorist group’s leadership Third boss Josu Ternera is not among the four detained despite early reports to contrary


DNA of missing US tourist found on tools belonging to murder suspect

Investigators believe body found is that of Denise Thiem, who went missing in April A number of assaults along the Camino de Santiago are now being investigated


Suspected Amsterdam-Paris train attacker spent seven years in Spain

Suspect was known to French intelligence and lived in Madrid and Algeciras until 2014


Terror level raised after jihadists increase online threats against Spain

Experts are unaware of any specific, imminent attack being planned

Two Spaniards arrested on return from fighting ISIS in Syria

The men both belong to communist organizations In a video, they said they were battling against the “fascist beast”


Civil Guard arrests family who planned to send twin sons to Syria

Recruiters were helping the 16-year-old boys to travel through Morocco and Turkey Raid marks fourth of its kind this year in Spain against jihadists and their recruits


Spanish victims of Tunisia attack were retired couple from Barcelona

Antonio Cirera Pérez, 75, and Dolores Sánchez Rami, 73, were visiting Tunis on a cruise

Eight Spaniards arrested after returning from combat in Ukraine

The detainees are suspected to have fought alongside pro-Russian forces They are facing charges of homicide and possession of arms and explosives


Andalusia police arrest dozens in phony education training scam

Among those detained is the former Socialist mayor of Jerez de la Frontera

Granada judge details altar boy abuse

Ten clergymen and two laypeople are under investigation in pedophilia case


Socialist government approved secret plan against jihadism in 2010

Ruling Popular Party’s new anti-terrorist proposals resemble many of document’s ideas

“Ruined businessman” rams car with explosives into PP headquarters

Gas canisters failed to explode. Man blames ruling party for his financial woes

Spanish authorities break up ring seeking female ISIS recruits

Women were being sent to Iraq and Syria to cook, marry combatants and have children

Corrupt network took commissions from energy-efficiency contracts

Operation Púnica sources say kickbacks were paid from measures designed to save money

Nine jihadists with links to Islamic State detained in Spain and Morocco

The group was operating in areas known to be bases for sending terrorists to combat zones

Police arrest suspected Madrid pedophile who abducted five girls

The 42-year-old man, who has a record of sexual abuse, was detained in Santander


Dozens of jihadists with Spanish links thought to be fighting in Syria

Spain is considered to be a platform for the recruitment and transfer of combatants to the war zone