Three children in Spain test positive for coronavirus

The first case involving a minor was reported in Madrid, when a four-year-old girl tested positive for Covid-19. She was followed by two more in Castilla-La Mancha

LGBT+ rights in Europe

The long journey out of the closet for Lithuania’s gay community

After decades of repression under the Soviet Union, the LGBT+ community in the Baltic state feels that it is finally becoming more accepted, but knows there is still work to be done

Citizens’ Europe

How Madeira became a flood-proofed island

Thanks to EU funding, the archipelago no longer fears a repeat of the 2010 flooding which killed 49 people

Citizens’ Europe

Portugal’s devastating wildfires continue to burn

After last year’s fires, the European Union approved €50.6 million in financial aid to regenerate the affected areas. But 12 months on, neither the victims or the local authorities have seen a cent

citizens' europe

The great Brexit brain drain

UK universities, which contribute 2.8% of GDP, are already seeing a decline in applications from abroad as the country nears its exit from the European Union


Too busy to run your own errands? Hire a “Jeeves” for €99 a month

Spaniard sets up Ambrosio, an app offering valets who will buy groceries or wash the car

Latvia: can’t live with Russia, can’t live without her

Only country in EU that is 100% dependent on Russia for gas supply is set to liberalize market


Migrant sea arrivals to Iberian Peninsula doubled in 2016

Over 8,000 people reached Spanish coast by boat, not including Ceuta, Melilla and Canary Islands


Podemos at the helm of growing anti-TTIP movement in Spain

But protests against the trade treaty are still small compared with those in other countries

Refugee crisis

Greece arrests three Spanish aid workers trying to assist refugees

The volunteers from Seville may be charged with human trafficking for helping the migrants


Top ETA chiefs arrested in France

David Pla and Iratxe Sorzabal made up part of Basque terrorist group’s leadership Third boss Josu Ternera is not among the four detained despite early reports to contrary


Brussels to investigate subsidies at Castellón’s “airport with no planes”

Project that became symbol of Spain’s wasteful spending still under suspicion

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias gives King Felipe ‘Game of Thrones’ box set

Monarch appeared amused with gift, despite politician skipping protocol to hand over discs


EL PAÍS among founders of new alliance of leading European papers

Former editor-in-chief Javier Moreno announces launch of LENA The group of seven outlets will share content and digital projects

Google News to start excluding all Spanish media from service

Decision by search engine giant comes in wake of government’s Intellectual Property Law

Felipe VI pays tribute to rail and plane crash victims on Galicia national day

King also makes reference to Spanish unity and unemployment in speech at Santiago Cathedral

latin america

Amnesty International denounces torture of opposition protestors in Venezuela

Rights organization gathers testimonies from alleged victims of government forces


Santiago train crash judge wants to question railway safety chief

Aláez says measures “insufficient” to prevent human error as he criticizes position of speed sign


"All I could say was that there were a lot of dead bodies"

Eyewitnesses tell of the explosion of "dust and noise" at the site of the train crash