Barack Obama visits Seville as guest speaker at world tourism summit

The former US president spent the morning visiting the city, where his daughter Malia lived for a few months

LGBT+ rights in Europe

The long journey out of the closet for Lithuania’s gay community

After decades of repression under the Soviet Union, the LGBT+ community in the Baltic state feels that it is finally becoming more accepted, but knows there is still work to be done


More than a feeling: summers in Spain really are getting longer and hotter

A new study shows the impact of global warming on temperatures, the sea level and human health in the country


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 3, 2019


How a group of homeless people found a place to live in Madrid airport

Posing as travelers who have been robbed or lost their documents, many of these “ghost travelers” have been living in Barajas’ terminals for years