Spanish judge tells Franco’s heirs to return summer residence

A ruling finds that Pazo de Meirás is the property of the state and that the dictator's descendants are not entitled to compensation for their alleged expenses over the last eight decades


Galicia ‘comarca’ becomes the latest area in Spain to be confined due to coronavirus outbreak

The measure has been taken in A Mariña in Lugo, with the region in full election campaign mode ahead of polls on Sunday


Spain prepares for next phase change of coronavirus deescalation plan

Madrid authorities have said they will not request to move to the final stage, but instead wait until the state of alarm comes to an end on June 21 and the entire country enters the “new normality”


Piñor: the Spanish ‘coffin town’ that cannot produce caskets fast enough

The coronavirus crisis has flooded this Galician village with new orders and revitalized an industry that was suffering from Chinese competition


The story of the Spanish potato chip that walked Hollywood’s red carpet

Sales of the Bonilla a la Vista brand, which is still family-owned, have skyrocketed in Spain after the South Korean movie ‘Parasite’ triumphed at the Oscars

Diana Quer case

Jury finds ‘El Chicle’ guilty of murdering teenager Diana Quer

José Enrique Abuín Gey could be sentenced to the equivalent under Spanish law of a life sentence for the abduction and murder of the Madrid native in 2016


In Spain, Galicia declares war on wild boars

The regional government is planning to sacrifice a group of animals that has been seeking refuge from hunters in the city of Lugo and causing traffic problems

Animal cruelty in Spain

Galicia searches for killers of four wild horses

The endangered animals were found dead with blows to the head in a deworming corridor

Animal cruelty

Brutal killing of four wild horses shocks Galicia

The endangered animals were found dead in a deworming corridor with blows to the head


The Galicia supermarket murder mystery

Strange circumstances have thwarted efforts to find the killer of two Spanish store clerks in a crime that took place 24 years ago


When Franco’s army built the set for ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’

‘Sad Hill Unearthed,’ a new award-winning documentary, follows a quixotic quest to restore the neglected set of the iconic cemetery scene from the classic Sergio Leone western


Galicia: The Spanish region where the clocks are always out of sync

The EU’s proposal to end the time changes across the continent has sparked new debate in the northwestern region, with farmers and forest rangers keen on a new schedule


Dear dairy: Galicia ditches zebras for cows at a city crosswalk

A Coruña has opted for spots rather than stripes at a pedestrian crossing, in recognition of the importance of the animal for the region’s farming


More than 300 injured in Vigo after floor gives way during free concert

Five in a serious condition after wooden seafront promenade collapses, sending many of the youngsters attending the event into the water below


How three Spaniards discovered a Nazi submarine in Galicia

A German sub has been uncovered after years of research, unsuccessful dives and a local tip off


Case of murdered Dutchman goes to trial in northern Spain’s “Wild West”

Prosecutor is accusing two brothers of the murder of Martin Verfondern in a remote Galician hamlet


Spanish police rescue Colombians kept in slave-like conditions on pig farm

Immigrants worked six days a week while they suffered from diarrhea and vomiting


Meet Neo, the first official canine pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago

A border collie is being hailed as the first ‘perregrina’ to complete the world-famous Way of Saint James pilgrimage route


Theory that New Zealand was discovered by Spain gains new traction

Book by author Winston Cowie gets translated into Spanish and sent to NZ schools and universities


Spaniard raised by wolves disappointed with human life

Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja, who lived among animals for 12 years, finds it hard just to get through the winter

Diana Quer disappearance

The frenzied week that led to the capture of Diana Quer’s suspected killer

A botched abduction helped the police zone in on chief suspect José Enrique Abuín

Diana Quer disappearance

Police confirm DNA from body found is that of missing teen Diana Quer

Chief suspect in case, arrested for assaulting another woman, is being held in custody without bail

Natural disasters

Jacki: a dog with a mission

During recent fires that devastated parts of Galicia, one local worked around the clock to bury victims

Natural disater

Solidarity after the fires

People have been eager to help victims in northern Spain despite the challenges of bureaucracy

Spain’s ageing population

For Spain’s elderly living alone, how death can sometimes go undetected

Discovery of mummified remains of woman dead for four years highlight Spain’s isolated ageing population


Nearly 600 prehistoric artifacts retrieved from trash container in northern Spain

Psychiatrist’s collection was inadvertently thrown out by widow, and nearly ended at a dump


Why people are dying for a place in this cinematic Spanish graveyard

Film buffs spark rush at location used in Eastwood movie ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’