Spain’s ex-PM Rajoy: “I do not negotiate sovereignty or national unity”

Several leading witnesses provided testimony at the trial of Catalan separatist leaders in Madrid


Viggo Mortensen, the Hollywood star who calls Spain home

The film icon is married to Spanish actress Ariadna Gil, lives in downtown Madrid and is a member of the pro-Catalan independence association Òmnium Cultural


Spain investigates alleged attack on North Korean embassy in Madrid

A group of assailants are believed to have entered the building and “tied up and gagged” staff inside but no official police complaint has been filed


Spanish PM announces decree to deal with a “disorderly” Brexit

Pedro Sánchez told Congress the measure would seek to protect the rights of Britons in Spain and Spaniards in Britain after the UK leaves the European Union


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, February 27, 2019


In Spain, Galicia declares war on wild boars

The regional government is planning to sacrifice a group of animals that has been seeking refuge from hunters in the city of Lugo and causing traffic problems


As elections loom, Spain’s PP ramps up rhetoric to stop voter drain

Mainstream conservatives talk tough on immigration, abortion and Catalonia to keep up with the far-right Vox, which is threatening to take supporters away at the upcoming polls