Spain investigates alleged attack on North Korean embassy in Madrid

A group of assailants are believed to have entered the building and “tied up and gagged” staff inside but no official police complaint has been filed

The entrance to the North Korean embassy in Madrid.
The entrance to the North Korean embassy in Madrid.Google Maps

The Spanish Interior Ministry is investigating an alleged attack on the North Korean embassy in Madrid, which is located at number 43 on Darío Aparicio street in the residential Aravaca district. Although police sources maintain that the “incident” was not officially reported at any police station, it is being investigated by officers from the General Information Office (CGI).

The facts of the case are still unclear. According to sources close to the investigation, a group of assailants allegedly entered the embassy last Friday, “tied up and gagged” staff inside and made off with a number of computers.

When officers tried to enter the embassy, a person opened the door to tell them nothing had happened

Other police sources say that only one person, allegedly a Korean woman, sustained “injuries” when she escaped from the building. The Interior Ministry recognizes that “something happened” but has not gone into further detail, stating only that the issue “is under investigation.”

Police sources add that there were rumors of a death in police chat groups on the Friday of the alleged attack. What does appear to be clear is that there “was an incident at the door.”

According to the version published in the Spanish online newspaper El Confidencial, a Korean woman ran out of the embassy screaming at around 5pm on Friday. Concerned neighbors alerted police, who took the woman to the station and tried to find an interpreter. The interpreter explained that the woman was saying “a group of men have entered the embassy and gagged the staff.” When officers tried to enter the embassy, a person opened the door to tell them that nothing was wrong. Minutes later, several high-end cars sped off from the embassy, leaving the staff tied up inside. Personnel from Madrid’s SAMUR emergency services then arrived on the scene to treat three people with “minor injuries” at the door of the embassy.

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