Humanitarian crisis looms as flow of Venezuelans into Colombia continues

Living conditions are tough in border town of Cúcuta, across from the Simón Bolívar bridge

Men's health

Should men worry about retrograde ejaculation?

This condition occurs when semen travels into the bladder instead of exiting out the penis


Spanish woman faces €28,000 fee after leaving her car in parking lot for nine years

Volvo has been towed away after car park owners gave up hope that fine would be paid



Ros cartoon, April 4, 2018

Spanish Royal Family

Video: Spain’s Queen Letizia clashes with mother-in-law at Easter mass

Camera captures moment when queen tries to block a photo of her daughters with their grandmother


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 4, 2018


Spanish Socialists propose measures to curb online fake news

If amendment prospers, Spain will be first country with comprehensive law regulating digital rights


Theory that New Zealand was discovered by Spain gains new traction

Book by author Winston Cowie gets translated into Spanish and sent to NZ schools and universities