Fitting Civil War photos into images of modern-day Madrid

A collection created by Sebastian Maharg mixes striking black-and-white images from the 1936-39 conflict with full-color pictures of their present-day locations


Spanish vineyards send extra wine to Britain before Brexit

In preparation for the possibility that the UK crashes out of the EU, bodegas are shipping as much Rioja as they can in a bid to boost their stocks


Spain’s PM encourages Venezuelan opposition and calls Maduro a “tyrant”

Pedro Sánchez has met with opponents of the Bolivarian regime at a global gathering of Socialist parties in Dominican Republic

Animal cruelty in Spain

Galicia searches for killers of four wild horses

The endangered animals were found dead with blows to the head in a deworming corridor


In Spain, international adoptions plunge while surrogacy grows

The long process and greater restrictions are pushing some couples to go abroad in search of a service that is illegal back home


Adoptions in Spain

Take a look at how the practice has changed over the past decade


Spain becomes Europe’s top interceptor of cocaine

Seizures have increased by 5,000% since 1987, which is when the drug was first introduced into the country


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, January 30, 2019


Want to experience life on Mars? Head for northern Spain

A Spanish company is launching a scientific tourism project involving a mock-up of a Martian colony inside a cave in Cantabria