Spanish judge tells Franco’s heirs to return summer residence

A ruling finds that Pazo de Meirás is the property of the state and that the dictator's descendants are not entitled to compensation for their alleged expenses over the last eight decades


Sudden call for Covid-19 antibody testing creates long lines of teaching staff on Madrid streets

Teachers and unions heap criticism on regional government for summoning them on a 24-hour notice and for asking a private company to handle the procedure


Fresh outbreaks dampen Spanish tourism sector’s hopes for summer season

The number of people registered as unemployed rose by 29,780 in August while the Social Security system registered 6,822 new contributors


Madrid accounts for a third of new coronavirus cases detected in the last week

The Spanish Health Ministry has reported 50,000 positives nationwide over seven days, with 8,155 added in just the last 24 hours


Telefónica pledges to bring 5G to 75% of Spanish population by end of the year

The telecoms giant switched on the mobile network signal on Tuesday, but the commercial launch is not expected before early November