Here are the new restrictions for Madrid once the regional state of alarm expires

Social meetings of any kind will be prohibited between midnight and 6am, but bars and restaurants will actually be able to stay open one hour later


First Madrid student tests positive for Covid-19: ‘The mother brought her in knowing she could have coronavirus’

Since schools reopened, 53 cases have been detected in educational centers across Spain, according to the education minister


Madrid to restrict numbers at social events and increase distancing in bars and restaurants

The central Health Ministry reported 1,200 new coronavirus cases in the region on Thursday, with a further 2,859 added to the historical series


Sudden call for Covid-19 antibody testing creates long lines of teaching staff on Madrid streets

Teachers and unions heap criticism on regional government for summoning them on a 24-hour notice and for asking a private company to handle the procedure


Spain experiences first heat wave of the summer

The three-day spell will bring temperatures of up to 42ºC in places like the Basque city of Bilbao, which has not seen such readings since 1947


Madrid school community criticizes ‘reckless’ reopening guidelines

Public centers and unions say the regional government's instructions are impossible to observe without more resources


Commuters in Spain complain of overcrowding during coronavirus lockdown

Photos of packed trains fill social media, as passengers express concern that they are not able to maintain a safe distance to protect themselves from possible contagion


The heat is on: Spain braces for unseasonably warm weather

Cantabria and Andalusia may see record-breaking maximum temperatures of up to 25ºC in February


Nine dead, four missing as Storm Gloria leaves trail of destruction in Spain

Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearics start to tally the damage to infrastructure caused by rain, wind, snow and waves


Teruel province on red weather alert, with 50cm of snow forecast

‘Storm Gloria’ has lost strength but the unstable conditions continue across Spain, with strong waves and winds, and heavy rain and snowfall all expected on Tuesday


Ditch the turkey for paella: Christmas temperatures in Spain to hit 24ºC

Stable weather, little rain and balmy conditions are expected for the first week of the festive holiday season


Spanish Mediterranean braces for more intense rain and wind

Parts of the region have registered record rainfall this week, just months after a destructive storm wreaked havoc in the area


Are hurricanes ‘learning’ the way to Spain?

For the first time, three tropical storms approached the Iberian peninsula in the same year – a situation that could become more frequent in the future, according to experts


Racist attack caught on camera in a Madrid bus

The blog Es Racismo has shared a video of a young man threatening and hitting a woman because she refused to change seats


Spain’s east coast braces for fresh bout of torrential rain

After wreaking havoc across the country in September, a new “gota fría” phenomenon is expected to cause heavy and persistent rainfall


Two left dead as Valencia region battered by torrential rain

Spain’s meteorological agency has warned the Mediterranean area to expect more storms, which could be “among the worst seen in the last 13 years”


Spain to get respite from ongoing hot spell – but only until Sunday

The northeast is suffering most intensely from a period of extraordinarily warm weather, which forecasters say will ease up on Thursday


“Extraordinary” heatwave in June breaks records across Spain

Seven weather stations recorded their highest ever temperatures while 26 saw their hottest days in history for the month


Heatwave in Spain claims two lives

A 17-year-old and an elderly man have died from heatstroke, while a firefighter and a farmer have also been hospitalized as the extreme weather conditions intensify across the country


Heatwave arrives in Spain, with 32.5ºC in parts of Mallorca before 9am

The worst of the weather is yet to come, with red alerts – the highest on the three-level scale – expected on Friday


Unseasonably warm weather in Spain to make way for falls of up to 17ºC

Temperatures that are currently 5ºC to 10ºC above average will dramatically plunge over the next few days, with storms likely to accompany a mass of cold air from the Atlantic


Spain set to swelter this weekend, with temperatures up to 15ºC above norm

The unusually hot weather, caused by high pressure, clear skies and warm air from Africa, is likely to last until Wednesday, with the worst day for seekers of cool conditions on Monday


“Nobody helped,” says family of Spanish woman killed in Paris bakery blast

Laura Sanz was on a romantic weekend with her husband when a gas leak caused a massive explosion


More Spanish provinces on alert for cold weekend weather

Polar air mass is bringing subzero temperatures to parts of the peninsula on Friday and Saturday


After mild December, temperatures in Spain set to plummet this week

The mercury is set to fall as low as -12ºC from Wednesday, with the intense cold likely to last until the weekend at least


Cold front puts 36 Spanish provinces on alert for wind and rain

Coastal areas also bracing for dangerous sea conditions as low-pressure area forms over the Balearics


Weekend of wintry weather in Spain, with sharp drop in temperatures

First warnings of the season for Cantabria, León, Lleida and Asturias, where between five and 10 centimeters of snowfall is forecast