How the Spanish Tax Agency followed the trail of Shakira

The tax authorities in Spain know more about the Colombian singer than any tabloid journalist. With the devotion of a diehard fan and a detective’s eye for detail, Inspector Susana C. has pieced together the life of the superstar, exposing the structure of her business empire and cornering her for tax evasion to the tune of €14.5 million


Madrid to restrict numbers at social events and increase distancing in bars and restaurants

The central Health Ministry reported 1,200 new coronavirus cases in the region on Thursday, with a further 2,859 added to the historical series


CaixaBank, Bankia in talks for merger that would create Spain’s biggest lender

The new bank would hold €650 billion in assets, although it would lack the international presence of other Spanish giants such as Santander and BBVA


Could Catalonia’s growing marijuana market lead to a ‘narco-economy’?

A regional police report warns about the dangers behind a drug that is driving increased violence between growers and criminal groups

Madrid to implement new coronavirus restrictions after pressure from neighboring regions

Castilla y León and Castilla-La Mancha are calling for coordinated action given fears over the exportation of cases from the capital, as took place in the first wave


Spain reports 9,000 new coronavirus cases, but spread of second wave is slowing

Neither epidemiological experts nor the Health Ministry are ruling out a strong uptick in cases in the coming days, as schools reopen and Spaniards return home from their summer vacations