Coronavirus cases in Spain jump eightfold since end of state of alarm

In the 40 days since the emergency measure was lifted, the number of new infections has risen from 334 to 2,789


Coronavirus patient, 28, in Spain’s ICU: ‘I wasn’t careful. I was walking around without a mask’

Vanessa Martínez never thought she was at risk of Covid-19; now she is having to relearn how to walk and brush her hair after spending 69 days in intensive care


The mystery of Madrid’s lack of coronavirus outbreaks

Despite reporting new infections every day, health officials claim there are only four clusters of related cases in the entire region, which has Spain's third-largest population


All of Spain will be at least in Phase 1 of coronavirus deescalation plan by Monday, government announces

The Madrid region will finally leave Phase 0, after two requests to do so were rejected by the Health Ministry. Castilla y León and Barcelona city will also enter this stage, which allows for social gatherings of up to 10 people


Spanish government announces areas that will move to the next phase of coronavirus deescalation

The administration has rejected the Madrid region’s request to transition to Phase 1, “opting to wait until its primary care detection system is more robust”


Health workers and unions at Madrid’s Ifema field hospital: “It’s a disaster”

The convention center in the Spanish capital was meant to help ease the strain of the coronavirus crisis, but staff complain it is overcrowded and poorly managed


Madrid hospitals saw one coronavirus death every 16 minutes on Monday

The Covid-19 disease caused 88 victims in a single day in the region, pushing health centers to the limit


Spanish Cabinet takes first step toward major overhaul of sexual assault laws

The legislation, which comes in the wake of the controversial ‘Running of the Bulls’ rape case, puts the focus on the issue of consent


Health experts concerned over unexplained coronavirus cases in Spain

In the municipality of Torrejón de Ardoz in Madrid region, a number of patients have tested positive for Covid-19 despite not having traveled to any country with a reported outbreak


Coronavirus cases continue to climb in Spain

Although around 119 people have tested positive for Covid-19, Spanish authorities have ruled out cancelling large events


Spain considers tougher measures amid rise in coronavirus infections

The Health Ministry has not ruled out restricting public gatherings if the community spread of the virus gets out of control

Sexism in sport

Spanish soccer fans to female referee: “Go wash the dishes!”

Eighteen-year-old Alexandra García was subjected to 90 minutes of sexist insults as she oversaw a junior game in San Lorenzo de El Escorial


Vox deputy offering ultrasounds to women outside Madrid abortion clinics

Far-right politician Gadór Joya has not confirmed how long she has been running the “Life Ambulance Project,” or how many patients she has persuaded to go forward with their pregnancies


Spain’s other “wolf packs” – what is driving gang rape culture?

Experts cite growing exposure to violent pornography at a young age as one of the determining factors in the increase in group assaults


“I can’t take it anymore”: How revenge porn pushed a Spanish woman to suicide

Co-workers recall what victim Verónica went through at the auto factory where she worked before deciding to take her own life


Suspect in sex video suicide case interviewed by Spanish police

The former partner of the 32-year-old mother of two, who killed herself after the explicit recordings were seen by her work colleagues, claims not to have shared the files


Spanish woman takes her own life after work colleagues share sex video

Prosecutors are investigating the case to see if the sender, and possibly the company that employed the 32-year-old mother of two, should be held accountable

Dangers of new technology

Cellphones and alcohol: a recipe for sexual harassment in Spain

Young women are particularly at risk of suffering from new forms of violence such as sextortion, revenge porn and cyberstalking


Spanish government to raise paternity leave to 16 weeks by 2021

The measures, which will be passed by a royal decree, will see the period granted to new fathers progressively rise over the next two years


Thousands of women march across Spain against far-right party Vox

People protested in more than 100 municipalities, a day before the Andalusian parliament is due to vote in a new conservative government


How a hashtag inspired 150,000 women to break the silence on sexual abuse

A team of data analysts from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center have studied nearly three million tweets that were sent out over just two weeks


Spain tries ‘Swedish model’ to address prostitution’s legal limbo

Socialist government is drafting a bill targeting the demand side, with punishment for those who purchase sex


Spanish brothel’s “back to school” party sparks outrage in Andalusia

Town hall orders promotional fliers for schoolgirl-themed event to be removed


Shocked Green Day pay homage to acrobat killed at Mad Cool festival

Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong says band did not know of accident until after performance


Five women killed in four days as gender violence spikes in Spain

Around 1,000 people gathered in downtown Madrid on Wednesday to demand government action


What is left of Franco’s legacy?

The Francisco Franco National Foundation still honors the memory of the former dictator

Through the eyes of a child

Carlos Pérez Naval has become the youngest ever Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year