Spain tries ‘Swedish model’ to address prostitution’s legal limbo

Socialist government is drafting a bill targeting the demand side, with punishment for those who purchase sex


Spanish brothel’s “back to school” party sparks outrage in Andalusia

Town hall orders promotional fliers for schoolgirl-themed event to be removed


Shocked Green Day pay homage to acrobat killed at Mad Cool festival

Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong says band did not know of accident until after performance


Five women killed in four days as gender violence spikes in Spain

Around 1,000 people gathered in downtown Madrid on Wednesday to demand government action


What is left of Franco’s legacy?

The Francisco Franco National Foundation still honors the memory of the former dictator

Through the eyes of a child

Carlos Pérez Naval has become the youngest ever Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year


TV shows fined for showing sexual content at children’s viewing times

Antena 3 and Telecinco will pay €150,000 each for airing explicit stories about prostitution

Man arrested over double Spanish beach murder claims he had mental disorder

Investigators still to fully clarify if attacker, a nurse who worked in Madrid, knew his victims

Spanish celebrities line up for a slice of Twitter product placement

TV stars and Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas among those pushing brands in their personal messages


Support for Burgos rebels spreads to other Spanish cities

Arrests in Madrid as 500 gather to defend residents protesting controversial street remodeling project Events planned for 48 other locations across the country


Often overlooked, Spain’s Teruel finally takes off

A new airport in Aragon will be Europe's largest aircraft repair and storage site, and could become a suborbital air base