US elections

Why I voted for Trump

After four years of controversy, the histrionic US president has managed to keep his support base. A handful of the people who voted for him in Ohio, a state he won despite his overall defeat, explain why Trump still got their ballot


Spanish PM predicts that ‘very substantial’ part of population could be vaccinated during first quarter of 2021

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said on Friday that his Cabinet will approve a coronavirus vaccination plan on Tuesday, adding: “We are ready”


Spain’s new education law hampered by lack of consensus

Congress on Thursday approved a bill that the political right has vowed to fight tooth and nail, in a replay of the discord triggered by seven earlier reforms


Madrid will close its borders for 10 days in early December

Mobility will be restricted in the region between the 4th and 13th to prevent mass transit during two back-to-back holidays


Spain’s Constitutional Court backs express deportations

The ruling gives the government the legal backing to continue to send migrants straight back to Morocco instead of processing them first in Spain


Coronavirus incidence rate falls in most Spanish regions

The 14-day cumulative number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants now stands at 436, which is still far above the 250 considered to indicate a situation of “extreme risk”


Why have Spain’s schools not turned into coronavirus hotspots?

Fears that reopening centers would lead to large outbreaks have failed to materialize with only 1.5% of classes in the country quarantined. EL PAÍS talked to experts to find out why


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 20, 2020