Covid-19 crisis

Spain: over one million official coronavirus cases

Patients who have survived Covid-19 and medical staff who have combatted the health crisis tell their stories


Spain heads toward another state of alarm

Eight regions and Melilla have already called on the government to implement the emergency measure, which will not necessarily involve a lockdown like the one in the spring. The regions would, however, have greater powers to limit mobility in a bid to curb coronavirus infections


Spanish PM warns of ‘tough months’ ahead during coronavirus crisis

In a public address on Friday, Pedro Sánchez called on citizens to limit all non-essential trips and social contact to avoid a repeat of the total lockdown seen in March


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, October 23, 2020


UK, Germany add Spain’s Canary Islands to safe travel destination list

The move fuels hopes of saving part of the high season on the archipelago, which has seen a sharp drop in tourists due to the coronavirus pandemic


Madrid announces new restrictions on social gatherings to curb coronavirus spread

Under the new measures, effective once the state of alarm expires on Saturday afternoon, meetings between midnight and 6am will be limited to people from the same household


Andalusia, Valencia announce curfews to curb coronavirus transmission

After a meeting of health authorities failed to produce an agreement on nationwide restrictions, Spanish regions are taking the initiative to limit nighttime activity


The nightmare facing Venezuelan tourists still stranded in Spain

Seven months on since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, 200 visitors from Venezuela remain trapped in the country, with many surviving thanks to the kindness of strangers


Coronavirus cases continue to rise in Spain with nearly 21,000 reported in one day

The Health Ministry added 155 Covid-19 fatalities to the overall death toll, and put the cumulative incidence rate at 349 infections per 100,000 inhabitants