Ten covert police operations that took place under Spain’s PP government

Illegally spying on former Popular Party treasurer Luis Bárcenas was just one of the jobs carried out without judicial oversight by a group of officers who also disseminated false evidence against Catalan separatists and the leftist party Podemos. EL PAÍS has reconstructed events based on testimony from their targets


How the rape of a 13-year-old in Spain shed light on abuse among at-risk minors

Experts say that young state wards are suffering sexual exploitation, sometimes dragged into the situation by their friends


Vox leader in Madrid faces new accusations in real estate scandal

According to a document seen by EL PAÍS, Rocío Monasterio signed her name as an architect five years before she completed her degree


Vox leaders in Madrid come under fire for real estate deals

Rocío Monasterio signed floor plans before being a registered architect, and she and her husband sold industrial properties that were used for residential purposes


Pro-independence protesters cause travel chaos at Barcelona airport

More than 100 flights were cancelled at El Prat after demonstrators blocked off access routes to the travel hub to protest jail terms for Catalan separatist leaders


“Let’s hope you kill yourself” – How Spain is failing bullying victims

Experts say that the authorities are doing little to help the growing number of young people who are dropping out of school and, in some cases, taking their own lives, because of abuse


Book co-written by Spanish PM contains paragraphs from a diplomat’s speech

Official government sources have put the coincidence down to an “involuntary error” by Pedro Sánchez, one that will be put it in order “as soon as possible”


From duke to prisoner: how King Felipe’s brother-in-law fell from grace

Former Olympic athlete Iñaki Urdangarin was once a golden boy, but his royal connections saw him poisoned in a world of privilege and he came to believe he was untouchable

Political crisis in Spain

Rajoy takes refuge in restaurant, as Congress debates his ouster

The Spanish prime minister opted to dine at an expensive Asian restaurant on Thursday, rather than attend the parliamentary session on whether he should remain the head of government

Catalan politics

As summer nears, Catalan tourism sector hopes for end to beach confrontations

Separatist symbols – such as crosses – left on the sand have triggered scuffles with a potential for violence, say observers


Master’s degree scandal deepens, as another PP politician admits not going to class

In the wake of revelations about Madrid premier Cristina Cifuentes’ academic past, King Juan Carlos University is now turning its attention to deputy Pablo Casado

ANIMAL rights

Animals to stop being “objects” under Spanish law

Unanimous support in Congress to reform legislation and bring Spain in line with other EU countries


Catalan leader will not appear before Senate, following flurry of agenda changes

Regional parliament speaker sets new time for debate and denies early reports about Puigdemont’s plans


Predictable but still a source of disbelief

As the National Police arrived at polling stations in Catalonia, voters were surprised to find the law being enforced

Referendum in Catalonia

A referendum in Catalonia? Yes, but not like this

The debate over the poll is highly polarized, but there is a middle-of-the-road position

Catalan independence referendum

The parallel reality of the pro-independence movement in Catalonia

Supporters of secession launch campaign in run-up to referendum as though nothing else matters


The slave trade in Spain: thousands rescued from brothels and sweatshops

Since human trafficking became a criminal offense in 2010, the trend has become hard to ignore


Terrorists or troublemakers?

In 2015, six anarchists were arrested and one sent to prison where he remains, despite flimsy evidence


Just who are the Basques anyway?

Five years of peace are blurring the lines that once separated people in this northern region


Burundanga: the stealth drug that cancels the victim’s willpower

Well-known in Colombia, scopolamine is now being used in robberies and sexual assault in Spain


Spain: where who you know still matters more than what you know?

Inequality is growing in Spanish society, with an outdated education system and nepotism fuelling the differences.


Why heroin is threatening to make a comeback in Spain

The sinister return of this drug exposes Holland as Europe’s main drug supermarket


Spain’s ghost city comes to life

For years a symbol of the property crash, El Quiñón in Seseña is starting to attract residents


Would you wear a t-shirt promoting your political party of choice?

The net is the new battleground, but old campaigning methods are still working for some


The desertification of Almería

Land degradation is an increasingly growing threat in Europe’s driest region

Spain’s forgotten terrorism memorials

Many of the country’s monuments to ETA and Al Qaeda victims are lying neglected