The forgers of God

Four Spanish Claretian priests put themselves at risk to try to save 155 Jews from Nazi persecution between 1940 and 1944 in Paris. During that period, fake baptisms were carried out in a clandestine operation that was kept strictly under wraps; until now


Losing their religion? New report shows Spaniards are turning their backs on faith

Nearly one-third of people in Spain are either atheists, agnostics or non-believers, according to a study by the Ferrer i Guàrdia Foundatio


Spanish Church abuse victim: “They stole my childhood. How could I be making that up?”

For many years, V. C. kept quiet about the assaults she suffered at the hands of a priest in Villaviciosa, Asturias. Her testimony is one of several making up an EL PAÍS series exposing decades of offenses by the clergy


Spanish Church abuse victim: “It is always there, it is always on my mind”

Leopoldo Martín, now 80, still has fresh memories of the abuse he suffered at a religious boarding school in Valladolid more than 70 years ago. His testimony is one of several making up an EL PAÍS series exposing decades of offenses committed by clergy


How the Spanish Catholic Church has been hiding abuse cases for decades

The ecclesiastical leadership in the country refuses to provide any data on the incidents that it is aware of, with just three of the 70 dioceses passing on information to the prosecutor


Madrid plans drastic new rules that could affect 95% of tourist apartments

The draft regulations from City Hall would mean any flat without separate access to the street would need a license


Master’s degree scandal deepens, as another PP politician admits not going to class

In the wake of revelations about Madrid premier Cristina Cifuentes’ academic past, King Juan Carlos University is now turning its attention to deputy Pablo Casado


Madrid neighborhood fights to stop rising drug dens and violence

Residents of Puente de Vallecas come together to stop addicts and dealers from ruining the community

Learning English

Madrid taxi drivers on the road to becoming English speakers

Some 500 cabbies in the region are taking a state-funded online course to improve tourist experience