Madrid neighborhood fights to stop rising drug dens and violence

Residents of Puente de Vallecas come together to stop addicts and dealers from ruining the community

Crisis in Catalonia

Supreme Court withdraws European arrest warrant for Puigdemont

Spanish authorities concerned Belgian courts could limit their ability to pursue rebellion charges


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, December 5, 2017



Ros cartoon, December 5, 2017


A tense campaign

Citizen mobilization is key to ending the victimhood promoted by Catalan separatists

Catalan elections

Poll hints at separatist-unionist tie in hotly contested Catalan election

Campaign race for December 21 features jailed and self-exiled candidates, and highly motivated voters


Four suspected ISIS members arrested in raids in Spain and Morocco

Alleged terrorists detained in Catalonia, Madrid and Tangiers in joint Spanish-Moroccan operation


Syria begins to rebuild

Survivors of Civil War are starting to return as government begins to restore infrastructure in large cities


Who does art belong to?

Some of the world’s major museums are refusing to return masterworks to countries that were victims of historical plundering