Islamic State

ISIS women impose their own caliphate in Syria’s Al Hol camp

The jihadists have set up a radical matriarchy under the orders of a female ‘emir’ who controls the compound and helps people to escape, taking advantage of the renewed fighting in the northeast of the country

War in Syria

On the Syrian front line: Accounts from both sides of the Turkish offensive

The withdrawal of US troops has seen the conflict in Syria take a fresh turn. EL PAÍS correspondents in Qamishli and Ceylanpınar explain the effect on the ground


The 16 Spanish children left trapped after the fall of the ISIS caliphate

Luna Fernández, the widow of a jihadist fighter, has just given birth to a baby girl in a camp in Syria, where 80,000 women and their offspring are awaiting repatriation


After a seven-year odyssey, Syrian families end up living in a Madrid park

Unable to speak Spanish or understand the paperwork they need to get help, this group of 50 people, including pregnant women and minors, feels abandoned by the system


The Spanish ISIS women who are caught in a legal limbo

Yolanda Martínez, Luna Fernández and Lubna Miludi were located by EL PAÍS in Syria, but two of them have been moved from camp to camp, and are still awaiting a decision about their repatriation


Spanish ISIS women speak out: “We just want to get out of here”

EL PAÍS has traveled to the Al Hol camp in Syria for an exclusive interview with two Spaniards and a Moroccan – the mother of three Spanish children – who are seeking to return to Spain after surviving the fall of the caliphate

Islamic State

The uncertain future of the children of ISIS fighters

In a Kurdish hospital in northeastern Syria, 75 kids born to killed or detained Jihadists are fighting to survive


Syria begins to rebuild

Survivors of Civil War are starting to return as government begins to restore infrastructure in large cities

Refugee crisis

Last Spanish family finally escapes the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa

Madrid-based grandmother Ana Lobato to be reunited with relatives, who have left the nightmare of war behind them


The Al Saids’ journey from Syria to a new life in Spain

EL PAÍS accompanied a Syrian family as they waited in Beirut before boarding a flight to Madrid

UN peacekeepers in Lebanon running network selling food rations

An investigation has been opened into the resale of products in Lebanese supermarkets

Spanish UN soldier killed by Israeli fire on Lebanese border

Peacekeeper was in area where confrontation between Hezbollah and Israel took place