Daily coronavirus cases in Spain fall slightly to 9,419, while fatalities rise to 182

While Madrid reported 35% of all infections, its figures improved with respect to Wednesday‘s numbers


Piracy in Spain falls thanks to boom in streaming platforms

According to a new survey from the Culture Ministry, 52% of Spaniards have a subscription to an online service, which in turn has led to a drop in the number of illegal downloads


When Gabriel García Márquez wanted to be a foreign correspondent in Madrid

According to a letter discovered at the Harry Ransom Center in Texas, the author asked to work in the Spanish capital after fleeing Colombia in 1955


Why wealthy Venezuelans are flocking to Spain

Entrepreneurs and well-to-do families are fleeing a hostile climate back home and putting down roots in Spain


Madrid plans drastic new rules that could affect 95% of tourist apartments

The draft regulations from City Hall would mean any flat without separate access to the street would need a license


Human bones from Tartessos civilization found in Badajoz

A vast two-story 2,500-year-old building in the Turuñuelo de Guareña dig sheds light on the last era of these ancient people


House-hunters resort to commercial property as prices in Madrid skyrocket

Soaring rents and costs in the capital are prompting some to convert business properties, whether they are doing it legally or not


The Tartessos mystery slowly comes to light

An excavation in Badajoz offers surprising insight into this ancient civilization that thrived in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula from the 9th to the 5th centuries BCE

spanish civil war

Exploring Spain’s Civil War legacy in and around Madrid

A growing number of towns in the region seek to tap into budding interest in military-related tourism


Spanish dig uncovers unique building from mysterious Tartessos culture

Two-floor construction was used for a feast before being razed by its own dwellers ahead of invasion


Let’s roll: Danish startup gives bike hire in Spain a push

Firm offers technology that allows bicycle padlocks to be opened via a mobile phone app


The city that won’t let me sleep

Residents from all over Europe are organizing in a bid to fight nighttime noise pollution


The team unearthing the secrets of Spain’s mysterious Tartessian culture

Archeologists dig up the biggest and best-preserved examples so far of the legendary civilization

Madrid Arena deaths

Promoter behind Madrid Arena tragedy given four-year jail sentence

Madrid court finds Miguel Ángel Flores responsible for deaths of five young girls at dance music event


Rules for cycling safe in Spain

Cyclists are at greatest risk on country roads, where frustrated drivers overtake at inopportune moments


Could you survive Spain’s Indiana Jones-style boulder run?

Madrid village is exporting its own peculiar take on the tradition of the Running of the Bulls


Madrid’s Lavapiés goes upmarket

The last bastion of the bohemians is attracting growing numbers of middle-class incomers


Gone with the old rent

Dozens of classic businesses have disappeared from Madrid's city center, some replaced by franchises or clothing store, others still empty

Madrid councilor won’t resign after guilty verdict for offending Catholics

Rita Maestre, of Podemos and Ahora Madrid, chanted slogans during a topless protest in 2011

Why bringing your non-EU goods into Spain can be a major headache

People buying from foreign websites are increasingly coming up against pricey tariffs


Last gasp for Spain’s tobacco industry

Over the last 15 years, manufacturer Altadis has closed down all but one of its factories


Why Spain’s low-cost gym sector is in particularly rude health

After a six-year slump, the business has picked up growth, according to a new survey


What caused northern Spain’s weekend wave of forest fires?

The sheer number of blazes that have hit Asturias and Cantabria is unprecedented


Mountain biker’s death highlights dangers of Spain’s cycle-path traps

Forty-three-year old killed in July after riding into cable strung across Cantabria bike route


Is it time to blow the whistle on junior soccer match thrashings?

Spanish leagues are reluctant to bring in rules to prevent extreme scorelines

Mining the metals that make the modern world go round in La Mancha

A firm wants to extract the rare earth elements used to power smartphones in Ciudad Real

The hidden wildlife of Spain’s cities

Urban spaces harbor an unexpected diversity of flora and fauna, which need protection