The failed electric car that cost the Spanish government €17 million

Public prosecutors accuse the Basque Country-based promoters behind Hiriko of fraud

Return to Madrid’s towering inferno

A firefighter who fought the blaze that destroyed the Torre Windsor relives the night The decade-old disaster spawned all manner of conspiracy theories

Monuments to the disgraced

Calls have been growing to remove statues referring to politicians implicated in scandals

Mountain lovers should be more aware of dangers, authorities warn

Rising numbers of daytrippers heading out to Spain’s sierras are resulting in more rescue operations


Spain’s tourism trap

Sun and sand are helping drive the country out of crisis, but is too much reliance placed on them?


Madrid’s vanishing historic store fronts

Hundreds of the capital’s listed shop exteriors and signs have been illegally removed or altered


Punishing the pickpockets

Public perceptions play a big role in the debate about tougher sentences for street theft Spanish courts are now issuing restraining orders to prevent offenders entering specific areas


“Bothersome intellectuals and media” threaten families, says cardinal

Rouco addresses faithful at yearly Mass in Madrid's Colón square


No improvement in math, but Spanish students edge up in reading and science

OECD’s latest Pisa global education survey places Spain slightly below average


Education reform passes in Congress with only the PP’s support

Opposition lawmakers vote against “Wert law” while UPyD abstains


More than 1.1 million students lose textbook grants

Families were receiving between 70-180 euros, depending on the schooling period and the region


Andalusia to pay electricity and water bills for poorest citizens

Socialist-United Left regional government has already approved eviction-blocking law and pays unemployed a “social salary”


Brussels slams Spain's latest claims on Erasmus funding as "rubbish"

EC dismisses minister's announcement that budget for exchange program will see fall in students


State Erasmus grants to be slashed for most students

Only those with lowest economic means to continue receiving 180-euro monthly contribution


Cutbacks and PP government’s reform plans fuel students’ strike

Unions say vast majority of teachers stayed away Education Ministry describes protest as a failure based on “simplistic” slogans


“The education law is not a Wert law”

Education Minister José Ignacio Wert discusses his reforms to the Spanish system


New OECD survey of adult skills puts Spain near bottom of the class

Older Spaniards shown to be deficient in reading, counting and problem-solving PP government points finger of blame at Socialists’ 1990 reform

Popular Party passes education law with no support in Congress

All other parties refuse to back seventh reform since return to democracy Minister Wert refuses to “waste time” replying to objections “born out of prejudice”


I will not copy, I will not copy...

Experts point to an increase in dishonest academic practices The Public University of Navarre is bidding to promote a more ethical approach by introducing an obligatory pledge not to cheat


“Adopt-a-student” scheme floated to pay spiraling college fees

Some university presidents cautious about shifting burden to private sector

Studying and working at the same time — a tricky balancing act

Spanish students are some of the least likely to hold down jobs, says the OECD

Education & Employment

One in four of Spain’s young people neither studies nor works

Nearly two million have ended their courses and cannot find work, according to the OECD Proportion of youth with qualifications but outside labor market has increased by 69 percent


Not so much a brain drain as forced exile

Spending cuts are driving researchers and scientists to look for a future abroad


Cabinet approves controversial education bill that bows to demands of the church

Reforms are being strongly criticized by other parties and many educators


Thousands abandon classrooms to join second education strike in 12 months

Teachers and students protest cuts and proposed reforms in 30 cities Labor unions put turnout at 72 percent; government says below 20 percent

Universities forced to step in to fund students without means

As the price of college courses rises, institutions begin to assist more who are less worried about their education, and more about the uncertainty of their next meal

Cutbacks in education present teachers with an impossible task

"They've increased class sizes from 15 to 18, and with these kids that's a lot"