Latin America

The mental scars of Mexico’s Dirty War

Torture victim Enrique Chávez is kept in chains by his family for fear of his violent actions


Supreme Court calls ex-Andalusian premiers to testify in ERE case

Former Socialist chiefs José Antonio Griñán and Manuel Chaves volunteered to appear They are suspected of involvement in a multi-million-euro scandal involving a lay-off fund

“I’m the mother of anybody who comes through that door”

Gloria Iglesias has spent 15 years giving drug addicts and alcoholics a fresh start

Latin America

Pemex cuts $4.2 billion from budget to deal with world oil price slump

Mexican state oil firm assigns less money to refinery upgrades and outside contracts


Podemos leader visits New York in search of anti-austerity ideas

Pablo Iglesias accuses his adversaries of using state agencies to harass party officials


Granada sexual abuse case only to continue against priest ringleader

Judge rules that statute of limitations on charges relating to other 11 suspects has expired

Caja Madrid execs were “encouraged” to use their undeclared credit cards

Ten ex-bosses at bank answer judge’s questions about €15.5 million expenses scandal

Return to Madrid’s towering inferno

A firefighter who fought the blaze that destroyed the Torre Windsor relives the night The decade-old disaster spawned all manner of conspiracy theories