Maduro rushes to appoint Supreme Court justices before losing Assembly

Venezuela opposition decries leader’s bid to maintain control over public powers


Fire destroys Museum of the Portuguese Language in São Paulo

One firefighter dies in blaze, which caused huge damage to the historic building

‘El Gordo’ draw

Top prize in Spanish Christmas Lottery goes to Almería town

Residents of Roquetas de Mar celebrate scooping €4 million awarded to number 79140

Spain’s Amancio Ortega buys New York’s historic Haughwout Building

Founder of clothing giant Inditex pays €133 million for Manhattan landmark


What caused northern Spain’s weekend wave of forest fires?

The sheer number of blazes that have hit Asturias and Cantabria is unprecedented


Rajoy will seek support of Ciudadanos and Socialists to form government

Popular Party leader says he will negotiate with the parties that share similar values

El Gordo

The Christmas lottery launderers

Winning tickets are sought out by crooks looking to avoid paying tax on their ill-gotten gains