The average victim of protest violence in Venezuela: a student on the frontlines

Attorney General releases death toll over the last four months, evidencing effects of collapsing economy

United Airlines and General Motors quit strife-torn Venezuela

Companies leave country over government policies considered hostile to foreign investment

“We will win:” Jailed Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López

In highly anticipated video message, politician calls for anti-government protests to continue

Venezuelan opposition leader attacked by security forces after protest march

Henrique Capriles hit in face with helmet and punched by officers from Bolivarian National Guard

Jailed Venezuelan opposition leader’s health confirmed after visit by wife

Liliana Tintori sees Leopoldo López for first time in 35 days after rumors he was in hospital

Venezuela airs video to prove jailed opposition leader is alive and well

Move follows online rumors that Leopoldo López had been taken to a military hospital

Protests continue in Venezuela despite fears of “slide into anarchy”

After a month of marches and a death toll of 29, opposition says it will maintain pressure on government

Venezuela’s Maduro orders new tailor-made Constitution written

Move could isolate and wrong-foot opposition, which lacks the regime’s nationwide support structures

Pope Francis hints at new mediation initiative in Venezuela

Opposition rebuffs pontiff’s suggestion it won’t talk to government because it is divided

Venezuela’s pro-government militias terrorizing opposition protest marches

Civilians accused of working with police and responsible for killings apparently operating with impunity

Venezuela’s opposition rejects government offer of regional elections

More than three weeks of protests have left 23 people dead: new march planned for Wednesday

Angry Venezuelan president lashes out at ‘interfering’ Spanish PM

Nicolás Maduro criticizes Mariano Rajoy after his calls for release of political prisoners

Crisis-hit Venezuela to pull half of all currency from circulation

President says move designed to combat “imperialist” forces and black market gangs

The short life of Lamia, the airline that should have flown Chapecoense to glory

Low-cost carrier was set up in Venezuela to provide regional charter flights

The odyssey of paying in cash in Venezuela

New measure limits amount of money citizens may withdraw from the bank, as inflation rate soars

Venezuela’s devaluing bolivar drives black market in essential goods

Government seeking to supply subsidized foodstuffs to poor in bid to hold on to power

Venezuela’s opposition increasingly divided over talks with government

Popular Will fears international mediation is giving embattled President Maduro breathing room

Venezuela’s opposition stalls Maduro ‘trial’ after six dissidents released

Vatican-sponsored talks continue, but MUD says government must meet its demands soon

Maduro administration frees four political prisoners

Release comes a day after the Venezuelan president and opposition begin talks

More than 100 injured in protests targeting Venezuelan president

Opposition calls for fresh demonstration on Thursday and a 12-hour general strike on Friday

Violent mob storms Venezuela’s National Assembly

Angry pro-government protesters disrupted special session on whether to try President Nicolás Maduro

Strife-torn Venezuela frees two political prisoners

President Maduro releases Manuel Rosales and Francisco Márquez days after visit by former Spanish PM

Venezuela puts recall referendum on hold

Opposition warns that courts cannot stop the process and that delay tactics only make crisis worse

Venezuela’s state-owned oil company on the brink of default

Macroeconomic policies of ‘chavista’ regime and falling oil prices strain capitalization at PDVSA

Threadbare Miss Venezuela event highlights country’s crisis

Organizers were unable to get hold of even basic items such as make-up and buttons

Venezuelans take to the streets to demand Maduro step down

Opposition leverages discontent with inflation and lack of basic goods, stepping up pressure on government

Maduro purges public servants who supported recall referendum

Venezuelan president sends out list of functionaries who must leave their jobs within 48 hours