Juan Guaidó: “We need a solution in Venezuela no matter what”

The leader of the National Assembly, who is recognized as the interim president of Venezuela by 60 countries, reflects on the country's situation after a turbulent year


Evo Morales ready to return to “pacify Bolivia, not as a candidate”

Speaking from Mexico, to where he fled after stepping down on Sunday amid growing violence over election fraud claims, the former Bolivian president tells EL PAÍS that he is the victim of a coup

Mexico-Spain relations

Madrid rejects Mexico’s demand for an apology over Spanish conquest

The Mexican president has sent a letter to King Felipe VI arguing that saying sorry is the only way to achieve complete reconciliation between both countries


Mexico negotiating “Marshall Plan” with Trump to combat Central American migration

The government of López Obrador is backing a project that will see migrants assimilated in Mexico and the US incentivize private investment in the south of the country


Bolsonaro’s surprise success in Brazil gives new impetus to the rise of the far right

The ultraconservative candidate secured a first-round victory in the presidential election despite a rhetoric filled with sexist, racist and homophobic messages


Madrid takes center stage at Guadalajara book fair in Mexico

Mayor of Spanish capital and EL PAÍS editor-in-chief discuss darkness and light in the history of the metropolis


Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega dies aged 83

One-time US ally toppled in 1989 invasion had been released from jail, but held in hospital

Violence in Mexico

Mexico second-most deadly country in the world, says new report

This year set to be most violent yet of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration

Corruption in Mexico

How fugitive Mexican ex-governor Javier Duarte was finally arrested

Politician from the ruling PRI fled Veracruz in October after being charged with corruption

Mexico-US relations

Defiant Mexico slams Trump over new migration proposals

Foreign minister says country “will not accept” new proposals before key meeting with US officials

Odebrecht case

Corruption case linked to Colombian president’s 2014 election campaign

State attorney’s office says $1m bribe was used by Juan Manuel Santos’ campaign manager


Colombia’s FARC takes first steps on road to political mainstream

New alliance to act as parliamentary watchdog in lead-up to guerrilla group entering Congress


Colombia’s Congress approves revised peace deal with FARC

But critics say congressional move bypasses the “popular mandate” that rejected the original agreement


Colombian government set to sign new peace deal with FARC

Accord with guerrilla group to be submitted to Congress for approval after failure of October plebiscite


Colombia’s paramilitaries raise the specter of a return to violence

Spate of killings threatens efforts to conclude a revised peace deal with FARC guerrillas


The odyssey of paying in cash in Venezuela

New measure limits amount of money citizens may withdraw from the bank, as inflation rate soars


Will Colombians accept revised peace deal with FARC rebels?

Government incorporates proposals from opponents who rejected agreement in referendum


Trump victory casts doubt over future US role in Colombian peace talks

President Obama had supported talks with FARC and promised $450 million for post-conflict development


Colombian president extends ceasefire with FARC until end of year

Juan Manuel Santos denies date is final as he fights to push forward stalled peace process


No progress in talks to restart Colombia’s stalled peace process

Inconclusive meeting between president Santos and ex-leader who heads opposition to FARC deal


Colombian president announces extension for ceasefire to October 31

Juan Manuel Santos hoping to pile pressure on opponents of peace deal with FARC

FARC peace process

Embattled Colombian government fights to save FARC peace deal

Plebiscite result highlights widespread dissatisfaction with country’s politicians


Shock as voters in Colombia reject FARC peace deal

Deep distrust of the guerrilla group and a high abstention rate were key in the surprise result


Gabriel García Márquez’s attention to detail, remembered 20 years on

Journalist who worked with the Nobel winner on ‘News of a Kidnapping’ recalls making of the book


Colombia hopes to turn the page on half a century of conflict

International community shows support at signing ceremony between FARC guerillas and government


Can Colombia’s peace deal secure support in upcoming referendum?

Accord reached between government and FARC will be signed today, but still has to pass test of the people


US and Latin America baffled by Spain’s political impasse

Leading regional powers wonder why there’s still no government after nine months and two elections