A tight spot for the 34 million Mexicans living in micro-apartments

Mexico’s persistent housing crisis has pushed millions to find refuge in tiny shanty homes


The Mexican towns where even the police fear to tread

With officers gunned down, abducted or run out of town, Chihuahua precincts are close to defeat


Mexico’s Jalisco drug cartel uses Facebook to recruit new hitmen

Group posted false job ads on social media platform then forced applicants to attend training camps


Families of Mexico’s disappeared still waiting for law to help find loved ones

Draft bill that President Enrique Peña sent to Congress in 2015 has been beset by delays


Police in Mexican state of Sinaloa accused of handing youths over to criminals

Local authorities confirm video footage showing officers detaining group as armed men arrive


With ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán gone, war erupts in Mexican state of Sinaloa

Extradition to US of drug lord sparks power struggle that has left 235 people dead in two months


Power struggle following extradition of ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán erupts in Sinaloa

Mexican state is witnessing an upsurge in violence unseen for almost a decade


Mexican deputies toughen up femicide legislation

Lower house passes reform to place suspects in pre-trial detention and prevent them from fleeing justice

Violence in Mexico

Turf wars between Mexico’s drug cartels threaten tourism in Cancún

Business sector moves to play down two shootouts this week that left nine dead in Caribbean resort


Art against bullets: one Mexican teacher’s victory over violence

Marisol Lazárraga’s workshop for children in the village of La Noria provides a refuge from the drugs war


The forgotten border of Mexico, where 522 migrants are detained a day

Government plan to boost security in country’s south having negative effect, say rights groups


By tunnel or by mule: how drugs are moved from Mexico into Arizona

The Sinaloa Cartel controls 90% of the narcotics shipped through this stretch of the US border


The growing problem of Mexico’s modern-day highway robbery

Faced with police inaction, some people are taking justice into their own hands


Judge denies five appeals to block extradition of ‘El Chapo’ to US

Drug kingpin’s attorney says he will challenge the ruling in a circuit court


El Chapo Guzmán tries to negotiate plea bargain with US prosecutors

If extradited, the Mexican drug boss wants to avoid a trial and reach an agreement for a reduced sentence

Latin America

More than 50 murders committed during Pope Francis’s Mexico visit

Pontiff’s calls for peace fail to halt violence in one of the world’s most dangerous nations

Latin America

Mexican prosecutors issue seek and capture order for actress Kate del Castillo

Soap opera star asks for legal protection after failing to testify about her ties with ‘El Chapo’

Latin America

Families of missing youths taken by police in Veracruz demand return

Five friends were returning home from a getaway when they were stopped by officers

Latin America

Most small-time dealers arrested in Mexico City are marijuana users

The majority of those detained have greater quantities of drugs than permitted by law

Latin America

Mexican prosecutors call in soap actress over ‘El Chapo’ relationship

Kate del Castillo had planned on launching tequila business with the notorious drug lord

Latin America

Three suspects held in shooting death of Mexican mayor

The PRD politician was gunned down at her home one day after she took office

Latin America

Mexican Catholic Church endorses medical marijuana use

Archbishop of Mexico City calls for review of drug’s therapeutic uses

Latin America

Mexican nightmare: Australian surfers murdered in Sinaloa

Drug dealers disguised as police officers hold up and kill two tourists in the violent state