Voting dynamics

The “Center Moment”: Ciudadanos now Spain’s strongest political force

Riding high on its victory in Catalonia, reform party has surged in the latest voter intention survey


A tight spot for the 34 million Mexicans living in micro-apartments

Mexico’s persistent housing crisis has pushed millions to find refuge in tiny shanty homes


The Spanish train station that became a hub for Nazis, gold and spies

Mired in myth, this vast international railway terminal in Huesca was a hotbed of espionage, and a trade route for Spanish tungsten and German loot during the Second World War. Now almost half a century since it closed, there are positive signals of its revival


Ryanair on rails? Spain’s high-speed AVE train tries a low-cost formula

The EVA, which will run between Madrid and Barcelona, will have 30% more seats and charge passengers additional fees for extra services


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, February 9, 2018


The curious tale of a photoshopped Jesus, a €480 fine, and the Streisand effect

A court has ordered a youngster from Jaén to pay up after an image he shared raised the ire of a religious group – but has the case just drawn more attention to the original photo?



Ros cartoon, February 9, 2018


How drug gangs in southern Spain are increasingly crossing the line

Traffickers in La Línea are becoming bolder, attacking police officers who try to seize their hauls

immigration in europe

Turning 18: The second ordeal for migrant children who make it to Spain

Thousands of unaccompanied minors reach Europe every year, but those who end up on Spanish shores face bureaucratic hurdles and overcrowded centers once the system that took them in leaves them to fend for themselves


The 11-year-old Spanish girls smashing gender stereotypes through soccer

Valencia’s FC junior girl’s team has steamrolled the all-male competition, winning widespread admiration and surprising many