Spain reports 730 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours

New lockdown rules have been placed on a neighborhood in Pamplona after more than 100 infections were detected in the area


Spain reports 73 active coronavirus outbreaks, six more in 24 hours

Here is an overview of the main Covid-19 clusters by region. Despite the rise in cases, health authorities say further confinement measures are not needed yet


Coronavirus outbreak forces new area in Spain to reintroduce restrictions

Another ‘comarca’ of Aragón has been moved back to the previous stage due to a spike in infections among fruit pickers


The meteoric rise of Spanish star Rosalía

Six months after the release of the album ‘El mal querer,’ the Barcelona flamenco sensation is gracing the covers of US celebrity magazines and hanging out with Alicia Keys


The Spanish train station that became a hub for Nazis, gold and spies

Mired in myth, this vast international railway terminal in Huesca was a hotbed of espionage, and a trade route for Spanish tungsten and German loot during the Second World War. Now almost half a century since it closed, there are positive signals of its revival


The women tackling the macho world of flamenco guitar

There are no female figures of note in this male-dominated scene, but both foreign and Spanish players are starting to break down the stereotypes and inspire the next generation of girls to enter this hallowed domain. Even virtuosos, such as Tomatito, are eager to see the gender gap close


How a newspaper stood up against the February 23, 1981 coup

New film tells how EL PAÍS created its historic edition after Civil Guards occupied Congress

Lesbian who fled persecution in Cameroon wins right to stay in Spain

Deputies step in to help Christelle Nangnou, who had been denied asylum for 24 days

Spain denies asylum to lesbian fleeing persecution in Cameroon

Petitioner was stopped with fake ID at Madrid airport, where she has been held for 23 days

11-M attacks

Madrid bombing victims: “The beast of jihadist terrorism has awakened”

Hundreds commemorate the 11th anniversary of the 2004 attacks that killed 191 people


Cycle-route booby traps: a growing danger for Spain’s mountain bikers

One rider left paraplegic after slamming into rock placed across downhill path


Femen, a fainting deputy, Candy Crush and a Basque hot potato

The 2015 State of the Nation Debate has been characterized by a few bizarre moments

Truckers in Spain concerned over plans to force them on to toll highways

Industry suspicious about government proposal to stop heavy vehicles using regular roads

Duchess of Alba lies in state in Seville

Her eldest son Carlos is now tasked with preserving family's artistic and historical legacy