Discovery of gun registered to Nisman adds to mystery over his death

Argentinean prosecutor borrowed the weapon that killed him, despite already owning one


Obama gives green light to remove Cuba from state sponsors of terror list

US president notifies Congress of his decision, which goes into effect in 45 days

Spain denies asylum to lesbian fleeing persecution in Cameroon

Petitioner was stopped with fake ID at Madrid airport, where she has been held for 23 days

Town mayor since 1979

Around 50 local leaders have been in office since the first elections after Franco’s death

Man arrested carrying 1,200kg of hash bundles in plain sight

The Civil Guard stopped the smuggler after spotting him driving with no lights on


Burning ship carrying 1,500 tons of fuel sinks off Gran Canaria

Analysts have criticized the decision to tow the Russian fishing vessel out to open sea


Spain calls Venezuelan ambassador to task over insults made by Maduro

President of South American country called Prime Minister Rajoy a “racist”

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias gives King Felipe ‘Game of Thrones’ box set

Monarch appeared amused with gift, despite politician skipping protocol to hand over discs

Ex-IMF chief filed for 2012 tax amnesty

Rodrigo Rato is allegedly also being investigated for possible money laundering

WhatsApp chat group insulting students lands teachers in trouble

Madrid school staff face disciplinary action after the conversations were leaked to parents