Catalan growers torn between fear of Covid-19 and the need to bring in the harvest

Parts of Lleida province are preparing to receive seasonal workers, but there are concerns their arrival could lead to new coronavirus outbreaks


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, July 23, 2020


Spain reports 730 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours

New lockdown rules have been placed on a neighborhood in Pamplona after more than 100 infections were detected in the area


Spanish prosecutors seek up to 41 years for perpetrators of 2017 Barcelona terrorist attacks

Islamist radicals killed 16 people and injured over 140 in the Catalan capital and Cambrils after several cell members died in an accidental blast while manipulating explosives


Candiel, the alcoholic drink once given to children in southern Spain

Thought to be English in origin, the egg-sugar-sherry combination was administered to weakly kids in Cádiz up until the mid-20th century