Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas retires at age 39

Considered one of the all-time greats, he had been off the pitch since May 2019 after suffering a heart attack

Spanish royal family

Political parties divided over former king’s decision to leave Spain

The rift is also apparent within the coalition government of the Socialist Party and the leftist Unidas Podemos, which accuses the emeritus king of fleeing the justice system


The downfall of Spain’s Juan Carlos I

Spain's emeritus king has been immersed in scandals since 2012, when he was caught in Botswana on a safari trip to kill elephants


Juan Carlos I: a necessary distance

Spain’s former king is leaving the country to prevent his personal problems from affecting the monarchy

Spanish royal family

Spain’s emeritus king Juan Carlos I to leave country amid tax haven scandal

The former monarch has told Felipe VI of his "well-considered decision" to move away from Spain after Swiss and Spanish prosecutors opened an investigation into allegations of financial irregularities


Spain reports nearly 1,000 new daily Covid-19 cases

As the country grapples with a surge in infections, authorities have requested financial assistance from a EU loan program to soften the effects of coronavirus on employment


Why does Italy have fewer new Covid-19 cases than Spain?

Since the Italian government eased lockdown restrictions, the country has been reporting an average of 200 daily infections, while Spanish authorities are recording more than 1,500


Coronavirus cases in Spain jump eightfold since end of state of alarm

In the 40 days since the emergency measure was lifted, the number of new infections has risen from 334 to 2,789


Coronavirus patient, 28, in Spain’s ICU: ‘I wasn’t careful. I was walking around without a mask’

Vanessa Martínez never thought she was at risk of Covid-19; now she is having to relearn how to walk and brush her hair after spending 69 days in intensive care


American fascism?

What is truly alarming about the current moment is not the set of actions that the Trump administration is undertaking, but rather the historical context in which these actions are taking place


Spanish health authorities warn about ‘acute’ Covid-19 cases among youths

According to the latest figures, 1,525 coronavirus infections were detected in the last 24 hours


The real Covid-19 death toll in Spain: at least 44,868 victims

EL PAÍS used regional records and reports from three different agencies to arrive at a figure that is much higher than the official one of 28,432


Spain’s economy posts historic 18.5% quarterly fall due to coronavirus lockdown

New data shows that output has fallen to levels not seen since the late 19th and early 20th centuries


The empowered women of the Spanish Middle Ages

Their role was more complex and varied than the popular stereotypes depicting them as nuns, aristocrats or sinners


Spain experiences first heat wave of the summer

The three-day spell will bring temperatures of up to 42ºC in places like the Basque city of Bilbao, which has not seen such readings since 1947


Catalan government eases coronavirus restrictions in Barcelona and Lleida

Gyms and cinemas will be able to reopen in both areas, while the confinement order in the ‘comarca’ in Segriá will be lifted


Spain records 1,153 daily coronavirus cases, the highest figure since May 1

According to the latest data from the Spanish Health Ministry, the number of new infections is back to where it was when Spaniards were confined to their homes and not allowed out even for exercise


Spain’s Covid-19 contact tracers: ‘All our energy is being put into containing the coronavirus’

EL PAÍS spoke with the professionals working around the clock to help curb transmission of the deadly disease


Spain’s PM asks for spirit of consensus to aid recovery

Pedro Sánchez gave Congress details of the recent EU fund deal and urged the opposition to be open to similar agreements back home


Gibraltar seeks to keep EU ties after Brexit transition ends

The British Overseas Territory is not ruling out joining the customs union or the Schengen Area, but its future relationship depends on the UK and Spain


Court suspends flexible prison scheme for Catalan separatist leaders

Prosecutors argued the move was not aimed at rehabilitating the prisoners, who were jailed for their involvement in the 2017 breakaway bid, but rather at softening their sentence


New discovery fills gap in Atapuerca’s history of human evolution

Two stone tools found in the world-famous archeological site in northern Spain provide answers about its early inhabitants


Court strikes down Madrid Central low-emission zone over legal technicalities

The ruling conservatives, who launched the battle while in the opposition, now face the prospect of losing millions in revenue from traffic fines


Madrid to make face masks mandatory in all public spaces

In a bid to curb coronavirus contagion, social gatherings will be restricted to 10 people and nightclubs will have to close by 1.30am


Spain reports over one million job losses during coronavirus crisis

A quarterly fall of this scale was not even recorded during the worst months of the 2008 global recession


WhatsApp confirms 2019 attack on Catalan politician’s cellphone

Roger Torrent, the speaker of the regional parliament and a supporter of independence, was targeted with a program used by government clients worldwide


UK’s new quarantine rule spells disaster for Spanish travel industry

The tour operator TUI has canceled all flights from Britain to mainland Spain until August 9, putting more pressure on a sector that continues to struggle from impact of the coronavirus crisis