The pioneering Spanish company where staff work a four-day week

Software Delsol, located in the southern city of Jaén, has introduced the new timetables this year in a bid to boost productivity but without cutting salaries


Rise in Iberian lynx road deaths speeds up protection plans

Andalusia authorities to clear curbs and place new traffic signs to preserve the species

the church

Priest sparks outrage with comments on domestic violence during Mass

“A man might get drunk and beat his wife, but he didn’t kill her the way they do today,” he said


Judge rules that convicted wife-beater should return to live with victim

Court in Jaén upholds appeal by 78-year-old man on basis that he "has nowhere else to go"


Burglar who stole pedophile videos reports his victim

The thief, whose identity remains unknown, broke into a house in Jaén city He later told police about the filmed abuse of children he discovered


A ban on tabletop oil pourers, as government tries to boost exports

Restaurants and bars will have to serve product in non-refillable, tamper-proof bottles or capsules The hostelry sector claims move will cost it more money


Finding virtue in the run of Andalusia’s olive oil mills

Spanish business study on family-owned companies in Jaén province triumphs in the United States


Olive groves present new power source

Austrian firm KWB pioneers the use of pits in production of domestic heating

Brain drain

“Spain trains us only for other countries to reap the rewards” — cuts lead to brain drain

DNA expert among researchers searching for work abroad as funding for R&D dries up

Mysterious death

Nurse found dead with needle in her arm: suicide or was it her husband?

Man accused of killing wife leaves jail as prosecutors prepare to appeal ruling

Now booking: Leticia, the Popular Party’s children’s entertainer

TV star stresses rightwing convictions to help secure performance deals


One click opens window to world

Topnuz compiles most popular news stories from 5,000 media outlets


Andalusia’s “streetcar to nowhere”

Political squabbling is sealing the sad fate of Jaén’s ambitious tramway


Guarding the legacy of Al-Andalus

Ismael Diadié fled his native Mali after saving 7,000 priceless documents

Series of earth tremors causes alarm in Jaén town

Strongest shockwake measured 3.5 on magnitude scale Seismic experts say there is no risk of larger earthquake striking area


Hard-up Andalusia opens protected reserve to hunting parties

Regional government to allow shooting of mountain goats and mouflon in Collado del Almendral The fees collected will go toward upkeep of remaining animals


"Robin Hood" mayor Gordillo leads laborers on "anti-unemployment" march

Coalition of leftist Andalusian forces wants government to turn over unused land and a guaranteed income for destitute


An Englishman in mining Andalusia

New book reveals chaplain's 19th-century stay in Spain's black country