Reforms are key for Spaniards to get their lives back on track, says PM

Rajoy recognizes that first year in government has been one of "pain and suffering"


Fed Cup captain Sánchez Vicario resigns

Former world number one sides with players over dispute with federation chief


Truth, justice and reparation

Bodies of 17 Republican women executed in the Spanish Civil War are finally brought home


Samsung agrees to pay back taxes on Spanish profits

South Korean firm to hand over 9.5 million euros for the period 2005-2008

Series of earth tremors causes alarm in Jaén town

Strongest shockwake measured 3.5 on magnitude scale Seismic experts say there is no risk of larger earthquake striking area


Japan turns back to the usual party

The LDP’s overwhelming electoral victory may aggravate territorial tensions with China


Immigrants temporarily regain right to free healthcare in Basque Country

Constitutional Court lifts bar in region on basis of risk of infectious diseases Co-payment system will stay in place for prescription medicines


Little to cheer at Christmas for Real

2-2 tie in Bernabéu and Atlético’s defeat at Camp Nou renders title challenge "impossible"


Foreclosures more than double this year

Evictions have created “social conflict,” Spain’s top judge says



Technology has raised to the third power the possibility that a group of people can bring pressure to bear on a single individual


An exemplary end

The crash was sudden. Many restaurants closed, others opted to purchase inferior but cheaper fish, and so on with shops, supermarkets and wholesalers across the continent


A real nightmare... or an invention?

The reality TV show hosted by chef Alberto Chicote is laSexta's big hit of the season But controversy is being stirred up by disgruntled restaurateurs who have participated


Has Operation Emperor led to 'Chinaphobia' in Spain?

Parts of the Chinese community feel they have been under attack ever since a major money-laundering crime ring was busted

Signs of a vendetta in Cenicientos

Municipal workers fear for their jobs after complaining about non-payment

From Mickey Mouse to the opera house

Composer Philip Glass is bringing the dark side of Walt Disney to the Madrid stage

Are the Paradores headed for ruin?

Spain's loss-making state hotel chain may have to be privatized to survive


Serving up a Spanish ski sensation

The country's winter sports sector is booming and expanding Forecasts suggest this will be a bumper year for snowfall


Santander to absorb unit Banesto through share swap

Deal is party of a restructuring that will include the closure of 700 branches in Spain


“I find it strange that other regions haven’t protested the education bill”

Minister José Ignacio Wert refutes notion that cutbacks in schools could affect quality of teaching


Government seeks to depoliticize legal watchdog and cut salaries

Justice minister wants consensus with Socialists over plan to select a number of neutral judges for CGPJ panel