Madrid’s Teatro Real forced to cancel performance after audience protests lack of social distancing

Patrons in the upper galleries of the theater say that up to 15 people were seated side by side in a row despite the risk of coronavirus contagion


Ultra-conservative groups protest ‘God has a vagina’ play in Madrid

The Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers, which also filed a complaint against actor Willy Toledo, has accused local authorities and the creators of offending religious sentiment


A dramatic encounter for Falklands veterans

A play to be performed in Madrid brings old enemies together on stage to relive their experiences


After three incidents in a month, are Spain’s music festivals safe?

Death of an acrobat, a fire and overcrowding prompt experts to call for clearer regulations of events


Panning for pleasure: How Spain is enjoying a new kind of gold rush

Modern-day prospectors flocking to Asturias are no longer seeking wealth, but excitement instead


Sanmao: a Chinese woman’s tragic love story in Spain

The work of a writer with millions of followers in Asia is out for the first time in the West


Clocks to go back one hour on Sunday

Fall change brings up issue of Spain's odd adherence to Central European Time


More than 50 under observation after possible exposure to Ebola

Nursing assistant who contracted virus being treated with antibodies from other patients

Thousands march across Spain to celebrate end of abortion reform

Pro-choice campaigners also hail resignation of ex-justice minister over failure of law

UN rules against Spain for not protecting daughter killed by her father

Andrea González died during an unsupervised visit, after her mother reported dozens of incidents


How to erase your past from the internet

Celebrities and regular citizens alike are increasingly hiring firms to remove damaging data New European ruling on “right to be forgotten” will help resolve unclosed cases, companies say


“I wanted to be Starsky or Hutch”

Carlos Fernández has made the police’s Twitter account the most-followed of its type worldwide

Spain acts to protect ham legacy

Under new law, pure-breed ‘bellota’ pigs must be listed to be classified as ‘pata negra’

work-life balance

Spain: out of time

Congress is mulling whether to turn the country's clocks back to GMT The aim is to bring Spanish working hours more in line with the rest of Europe

utility costs

Consumers opt for bulk energy buys

Some of Spain's electricty users are about to hold an auction with power companies They want to bring down their bills, but will the big players respond?

Does Spain get a zero in oratory?

The techniques behind successful speechmaking need to be studied and practiced Experts note that Spaniards make few oral presentations at school


Has Operation Emperor led to 'Chinaphobia' in Spain?

Parts of the Chinese community feel they have been under attack ever since a major money-laundering crime ring was busted


Is there such a thing as the Merkel effect?

The chancellor's invitation to Spanish engineers may not have lured that many abroad

Pandas lived in Spain, say scientists

Paleontologists believe remains dug up in Zaragoza and Catalonia belong to creature’s ancestor


Hanging on the telephone

More than three-quarters of complaints brought by consumers before arbitration panels are about telecommunications companies


Getting away from it all... on the cheap

The crisis keep getting worse but there are still ways for cash-strapped families to take a break


Police and public team up to outwit Spain's vacation home scam artists

Fueled by the crisis, the number of fake apartment ads escalates in summer

Mallorca medic ordered to cover cost of raising child born after failed abortion

Doctor and his clinic sentenced to pay 420,000 euros in damages


How complaining on Twitter can solve all your problems

Conscious of the damage a bad online reputation can do, companies are starting to deal with customers directly on social networking sites